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Library & Music

Interact club of Pathways World School is planning to facilitate village schools with a fully equipped Library and Music room; so that the students in villages get the needed exposure. The major plan behind this is to broaden their knowledge spectrum providing them with a "Pathways" to higher level of education.

The Developed music room will help then enhance talents never known before; thus developing new skill and ability. This project is planned commence upon the schools in Bas and Aklimpur.

Awareness Board

Interact club of 2009- 2010 is taking a stepping up to "aware our society to bring a change" about the environmental conditions such as "don't use plastic", social issues like "women empowerment" and "educate villagers about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene". In this project, the Interact Club will be setting up about ten awareness board.

Blood Donation

The idea behind organizing blood donation in Pathways world school is to aware our community about the significance of blood donation. Rotary Club has been taking initiative in collecting blood by inspiring youth of India; to help in combat the shortage of blood. With the same spirit and inspiration, Interact Club will proceed in this project, inviting teaching staff and working staff of Pathways to join for Blood Donation camp.

Eye Camp

This camp will be organized with the help of a non profitable hospital, where few doctors are eye specialist. The Interact club will cordially invite them to contribute their precious time in checking the eye site of villagers of Bas and Akilmpur and give them needed medicine.

Computer Lab

This is a project to set up a computer lab in Akilmpur village, where the computer has been donated. But Interact club will help school by providing inverter, furniture and other requirement to run the computer lab.


Increasing Global Warming is a major environmental issue in today's world. To combat global warming, our Interact Club is moving forward to start with planting approximately 100 trees this year.


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