The Student Council attended a leadership workshop on Wednesday, 17th February 2021, which was led by Mr. Rohit Kumar from Family Vision. The workshop aimed to develop leadership skills and discuss what it means to be a leader and what qualities make a good leader. The discussions ranged from individual qualities to how one can find certain similarities in the qualities of all great world leaders. It was very interesting to understand my peers’ perspectives and what qualities they think are important to be a good leader. The workshop was appreciated and loved by all.

We performed various activities such as taking a quiz to find out our own character strengths, answering various questions about what we think makes a “good leader”, and my favorite activity, in which we were put into groups and were told to talk about one another’s positive qualities. Talking about each other’s strengths was a really good way to spread positivity among the Council members and gave us a great opportunity to bond and get to know each other better. Getting to know each other’s strengths will help us work together better as a team in the days to come.

The next task made us analyse our characteristic strengths. Learning about our most and least prominent character strengths is essential because it helps us understand ourselves better. This would not only help us to be effective leaders but would also help us in many aspects of our lives. It was very interesting to find my top five character strengths and it was also very surprising to find my lesser strengths. We learned that our lesser strengths will help us grow as people and our signature strengths help us know what we most like ourselves doing. We talked about how we would turn our strengths into actions and what aspects of our lives we could be more generous with. This discussion was very insightful and helped us understand ourselves better.

The session came to an end with a discussion on a few important aspects to remember as a leader. We learnt about not escalating a situation, not gossiping, and trying to be more assertive than being passive aggressive. We also watched a clip from the movie Sully: Miracle on The Hudson. We were taught how to de-escalate drama and the movie was a good example of how to not lose our wits during a critical situation. Overall, the workshop gave us perspective and insight and we would look forward to implementing our learnings  as a team!


Kimaya Sharma

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