In connection to our Unit of Inquiry about caring for our world, the KG class took an exciting field trip to the JMK Farm – a small homely farm off Sohna road. At the farm, we were able to see what caring for animals really means and find out about the different kinds of homes, food, and care each animal needs. We got to feed cows, hen, and dogs.

The field trip gave an opportunity to the children to make classroom connections in a real-world setting that lends itself to extending the power of the concept.

Children formed relationships with the farmers to gain a deeper understanding of rural ways of life. Through the hands-on experiences of a farm field trip, children explore new ideas, discover their own strengths, and awaken new interests.

We ended our excursion with some free play in the playground and a yummy picnic breakfast. Lucky for us, the weather was amazingly pleasant, and it was an experience we won't forget!

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