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Donate for a cause: Eye and Blood donation camp

“The eyes are the windows of the soul”, a very traditional proverb, rightly captured the essence of the mega event organized at the Palra village Government School. The success of the last eye camp in the Bass Village inspired the students of Grade 9 to take a step forward. This enthusiasm culminated with the final mega event taking place on 2nd March 2017.

The students of Grade 9 organized the Second Eye Camp at the Government High School of Palra village. The event was a joint initiative of the Rotary India (Delhi Imperial) and Pathways World School, Aravali. We started the camp at 11:00 a.m. and continued till 4:30 p.m. in the evening. After reaching the government school we helped in setting up of the camp by putting up posters that were made by our very own fellow friends of Grade 9. This project was funded by the Pathways World School- Interact club.

Throughout the day, we had 350 eye check-ups in total, 12 of them were diagnosed with cataract, 198 spectacles were distributed, and the entire stock of eye drops we brought, finished much before the end of the event. Out of those 12 cataract patients, 10 patients will be operated in the next phase, which will be funded by the PWS Interact club in collaboration with Rotary Foundation.

We did not have many blood donors, due to certain medical difficulties, however, we were amazed to look at the enthusiasm shown by the local community to donate for such a good cause. We managed to receive, 14 donations and it was heartening to see that our own school staff, Nam Pal was also a part of the willing donors. One of the patients diagnosed with cataract shared with us that he was very anxious about the cataract surgery, but now after the eye check-up, he feels that he is in the safe hands of abled doctors for his surgery. A lot of patients expressed that they were grateful for having a chance of an eye check-up and were patiently waiting in line, some even wanted spectacles even though they had proper eye sight. After hours of hard work, we were able to see the results from the satisfied faces of the villagers, and were grateful to be a part of this project.

After the eye check-ups and blood donations, the president of the Rotary foundation John Germ and the PRID trustee Sushil Gupta and our very own, Pathways Group, Director, Mr. Praveen Jain, inspired us with their motivational words, which expressed gratitude towards Pathways World School for taking a step towards bringing a change in the community. Their words inspired us and touched our hearts, motivating us to contribute in every way possible towards the cause. The programme included many dance and singing performances by the local community to express their gratitude towards the project.

It was a great opportunity for us to expand our perspectives, there was a lot of team work and commitment from the students and the Pathways community. In the beginning of the programme we were apprehensive about the turn out of the local villages, and the bad weather, but towards the end we felt fortunate to be a part of this event as the villagers turned up in good numbers and the overall response of the village community was extremely praiseworthy, and some requested us to visit them again soon in future.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sarvesh Naidu, the School Director, for taking out his time to come and visit us, the teachers who accompanied us, Principal Middle School, Deputy Principal, MYP Co-Coordinator, Dr. Sunil Bhardwaj, and everyone from school for being a part of this worthy cause in every possible way and giving us an opportunity to connect with the villagers, and spend a day with them getting to know and understand their issues of heath and eye care. The interaction with them was of greater warmth and delight for all of us and it motivated us to walk a few extra miles next time.

Text by-Abigail Ralte, Samanata Pradhan, Sahil Balani (Grade 9) and Mr. Saurabh Kakkar
Edited by – Ms. Aarushi Jain
Pictures by – Aakash Bhowmick (Grade 9)


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