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ToK Presentation Day

It was the type of day where time seemed to morph into moments that flew by, and into others that slowed down. It was the 15th of February, the day of the final Theory of Knowledge Presentations by the Batch of 2018.

The students of Grade 12 walked purposefully into the building, armed with a fully equipped arsenal of knowledge, ready for their presentations. The presentation is an oral assessment part of the Core IB Component of Theory of Knowledge. It’s a subject that deals with the nature of knowledge, and how we know what we know. The students faced a panel of around 4 teachers, a few Grade 11 students who watched on for experience, and a few members of the Clicking Club who recorded the presentations.

All in all, the day was a success, and here’s to wishing the Batch the best of luck with all forthcoming examinations!

Text :Saarah Khan,Grade 12
Editing : Kaanan Ratna Sondhi
Photos :Clicking Club
Graphic design K. Guru Charan kumar



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