Pathways World School Aravali

Letters from Parents

Letter to Monica & Sita

Dear Monica and Sita

This email is to bring to your notice, how inspired Ahana has been with her teachings around mother earth and the very idea of everyone contributing towards protecting it.

Though she has been unwell for last 2 weeks, she made a poster to appeal to her friends and family to plant a tree. The whole idea of the poster, its design, even the poem on the top is Ahana's own creation.

What a lovely experience it is to see your child so motivated by her teachers and her learning environment to not only change herself, but also carry forward the inspiration to change other and hopefully mother Earth as well one day!

She has even decided to kick start this as a campaign of planting plants from May 10th, which is our Guru, Sri Raj Bhowmik's inspired Global Compassion Day. Ahana has been a part of this campaign since she was little and goes stronger every day to contribute meaningfully.

Thank you School, for this experience and learning.

Immensely indebted mother.

Letter to Dear School Team

Dear School Team,

I want to compliment the school for nurturing growth. The strategic vision of the director and principal Middle School has started showing results. In the beginning I didn't approve of many things in my mind of international board. But I kept my faith in the school. I didn't know how will the child soar in case there is no pressure because we all have been result of academic pressure. But I carried on racing, though I deferred in silence. But I chose to be a spectator only to see the impact and then decide whether I was wrong or right.

I am so happy that I was wrong. There can indeed be many ways of studies. Relaxed efficiency is another new for Pathways. Sanskriti is showing mettle for vocal singing in both English and Hindi.

Col JK Singh

Letter to Dear Ms. Bhimwal

Thank you for giving the chance to join the gymnastics tournament for my daughter Koharu.

She had a wonderful experience in this journey. And she got silver medal on floor exercise. I think it looked like that other school's students, teachers, and its facilities inspired her very much. Koharu said to me it helped to motivate her.

Especially to Ms. Rathore and Mr. Panday say thank you for their guidance and support for me please. Kids could not get these achievements without teacher's and coach's efforts.

Thank you again.
Junko Mishima (Koharu's mom)

Letter to Ma’am

Dear Mam,

I would like to thank you and your nursery teachers team (Renu and Shilpi Mam) for the tremendous effort all of you are putting in our children's learning.

Yesterday Vivaan was able to explain very clearly "The Water cycle" with heavy scientific vocabulary (evaporation, condensation, precipitation). We all were amazed at home and really proud of him and the school.

My best wishes for your future work. I am sure some more surprise will come soon before session ends.

Thanks and Regards
Priyanka Jha
Mother of Vivaan (Nursery A) and Vaishnavi Mishra (Grade 2B)

Letter to Devika

Hello Devika,

Thank you again for all of your hospitality during our stay at Pathways. It was a wonderful experience which I'm certain we will all be talking about for a long time to come. Personally, I already miss Indian food and have had a difficult time transitioning back to the food in Korea. Luckily, I live quite close to a very good Indian restaurant (which I struggled to avoid visiting the very day after returning to Korea).

We all look forward to your visit to Chadwick in May and we have already begun trying to imagine how we can provide you and your students with a similarly memorable adventure.

Thank you for your kindness,

Letter to Devika

Dear Sir & Mam

We are very much glad to see the annual production of primary school. We really like the theme of the function and the messages given were really helpful for all students, parents and whole community. This is a result of great efforts by teachers, students and entire staff.

I can’t stop myself writing this mail of appreciation to you.

Thanks & Regards
Ankur Bindals
Sanya Bindals
[ P/0 Saurish Bindals (3-A) ]

Letter to Sir/Madam

Dear Sir & Mam

We are very much glad to see the annual production of primary school. We really like the theme of the function and the messages given were really helpful for all students, parents and whole community. This is a result of great efforts by teachers, students and entire staff.

I can’t stop myself writing this mail of appreciation to you.

Thanks & Regards
Ankur Bindals
Sanya Bindals
[ P/0 Saurish Bindals (3-A) ]

Letter to School

Like last time and the year before last , this year’s annual production was a visual treat for all. And the message like always was deep and intriguing. The riddle troupe part specially was very creative and so were the riddles! One highlight of this time and the differentiator was the spectacular light arrangements and the screen projection.

The only thing I would have loved or changed was to add a South Indian joint to the lavish spread😊

It’s a pleasure and a privilege for us to witness such a creative extravaganza year after year and each time better than last !

Nedavya’s mom

Letter to Ms. Bhimwal

Dear Ms. Bhimwal,

Good afternoon! Many congratulations to you and your team for putting up an impressive annual production.

We were overwhelmed with joy to see our daughter Aarika performing confidently on stage dancing elegantly and with poise and our son whose dancing techniques have now reached another level. Thanks to Norbu Sir and Simon Sir for seeing the talent and nurturing it so beautifully. Thanks to Ritika Mam and Soni Mam for giving Aarav an opportunity to perform both in annual production as well as at the awards ceremony.

Overall the show was incredible, the theme, the setting, performances, costumes, designing, everything was grand and we came back home with lovely memories. All those long hours put in by the primary school team were evident and truly treat for eyes 😊 thank you so much!

Thanks and Regards,
Ruchi and Ritesh

Letter to Ma’am

Dear Ma'am,

Would like to congratulate you and the entire team for such a splendid show. The fact that it involves each and every child, providing opportunity to everyone, topped by a spectacular show of lights, sound and choreography is a marvel to watch each year. In true sense great example of teamwork of all departments - our compliments and sincere thanks to each and every one.

It's always been a pleasure to be part of the Pathways family and such events only firm up our belief in the institution.

Best regards
Payal Manaktala
Navdeep Manaktala

Letter to Monica

Good morning Monica,

Just wanted to thank you and the staff for putting up such a wonderful annual day production. I thought the kids did a tremendous job but we know that behind the scenes there is a lot of effort from so many people - so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone.

Every aspect from the script to costumes, directing, props, lighting, choreography music and dance were all beautifully and seamlessly executed. The use of visual effects this year was amazingly done and was a great idea. For example, the creative and extended use of the stage space was excellent and something totally different (the castle on panini).The video teaser as well as the presentation at the end was a great idea.

I know it is a collective effort and all staff have worked very hard and helped out in some way or the other but have to thank Jim and Judith who have trained the actors so well. I was so amazed to see Isha do such a great job and the expressions that Davi(lobizon) had were so well brought out.

Norbu sir and the dance dept did an outstanding job. Dances were very well executed and this year each child did get ample stage time. The live singing and the hindi version by Ritika ma’am were amazing as always.

Thank you once again for a great evening and do extend our deep appreciation to all the staff and support staff for always being there and looking out for our kids.


Letter to Monica & Sita

This email is to keep you informed about some recent changes that I have seen in Ahana as she grows more responsible, confident and focused.

Last few weeks have been very busy for both Shalil and me and at times she has been home all alone with my maid. I have been guilty and was wondering if she will be unruly and ill-behaved, because we have ignored her. But have been very pleasantly surprised to discover upon our return that she has not only done the needful for herself and gone to bed but also has completed her homework on her own, pretty independently !!

It is a proud moment for any parent to see the child evolve and become so very responsible and self-managed at such a young age. Would like to congratulate you and the school authorities for helping her evolve so beautifully as she discovers her talents and aptitudes.

Sometime back I asked her what she likes best about her school, she said “That here I learn new things every time and that too without any scolding”, may not be a statement that I would necessarily like, rather works against me…but makes me happy about the environment she is growing in back at school.

Thank you.

Letter to Shikha

This is something I wanted to acknowledge about.

Well, after so much of phonograms practice, I observed him reading "The Band" so well on his own and it was such a satisfying feeling for me.

He earlier used to read in spurts and assistance but this time , he had his flow.

So , both you and Harpreet persistence worked and a heartful thanks from our side.

This is a significant milestone for Ashvath that he begins to read on his won and it means a lot to us. A long way to go but a memorable event for us. I believe, a lot of child development comes from Primary school teachers and you have done that.

Keep doing your best !!
Thanks once again
Ashish Sinha ,Shveta Rana

Letter to Monica & Sita

Was keen to share Ahana’s evolving perspective and clarity of thoughts and ability to look at alternative options.

Yesterday, I was narrating Rani Padmavati story to her before bed. She listened to it with great attention and then asked me something rather very interesting: “why did Padmavati kill herself along with other women? Couldn’t she have planned something else??” I asked her like what and she said: “They could have done something like hiding somewhere and then attacking Khilji when he came all together…there was no need to die in the fire”

I had no answers.

This I believe is a classic example of reason based learning. Hope she continues to explore herself and evolve her deep sense of reasoning and finding alternative solutions as she learns and grows in Pathways.


Letter to PWS Teachers

I am writing to you with deep gratitude and a heavy heart as Shaurya will be moving on from Pathways this January. Shaurya and myself have spent extensively enriching and engaging time within the Primary school.

On personal front it’s been a transitional journey within Pathways from Primary to Middle school and now from Pathways towards newer domains. Shaurya started his educational journey as a tiny tot within Pathways. His learnings, his confidence and his balanced demure is all derived through his years at the Primary School. He is well rooted within Pathways and his school is deeply etched in his persona. Due to a very dedicated, demonstrative, sensitive and exemplified approach of all his Gurus; Shaurya developed multifaceted skills, knowledge, learnings, application and implementation across the broad. The entire credit for his transformational journey goes to each one of you. From 3+ years to 11 years Shaurya has seamlessly gone through all this period with your support and guidance. Thank you for introducing me to Shaurya that I would have never known; by raising the bar and uplifting him to his true potential.

In the end we would like to join our hands and say Thank you all. May Lord bless you and guide your all future endeavours.

Warm Regards,
Shaurya, Rima & Rajesh Yadav

Letter to Camp Organisers at Pathways

As my daughter Sanskriti Jiwantika Singh, student of Pathways World School class 7 Nile hostel, got back from her Nainital trip, we received her. She was little tanned but there was shine on her face, she looked little weak and frail but appeared stronger in will. She rolled a diary in my hand which read the accounts of her days spent on camp. It was indeed very heartening to read some of the lines which my daughter wrote. It was a very personal and private emotion but I need to share that with your camp you have allowed me discover something new in my daughter, you have unraveled some dimensions which were not known to me and some even not known to my daughter also. She writes -

1. My first day at camp went pretty well and it is my first camp I have been to. I first thought camps are boring but after coming here I find it fun ----- This shows that the camp was nicely framed and could correctly generate interest in young minds. My compliments to organisers.

2. My memorable moments were when we went to learn about the rope and I was getting everything right. I want to thank Nikhil sir because he was very sweet and not rude and taught us everything. He is AMAZING. We learnt how to survive in nature. I want to thank Nikhil sir who instilled adventure and dare devilry into my child.

3. Rock climbing was fun because I love danger. So it was easy for me. Everyone said that Rock climbing was very hard but I and one more person said it was very easy because we completed it easily and I was fastest. My memorable moments - While we worked as a team. I want to thank the team. A great lesson of credit sharing with the team and being a good member of a team is a very good quality .

4. From today's experience what we learn we should work as a team, don't say no to anything, Do your best, help others to overcome their fears. I have no fear so I help them others. Today we could not win but it's OK because we WILL WIN tomorrow - so you have taught sportsmanship, never say die attitude and ability to remain free from fear, so increase Boldness and risk taking ability .

All the above lessons are indeed great lessons of life. Actually I too don't experience fear. I know I can be bold sometimes in military operations beyond the level of safety and regardless of consequences I will surge ahead for the sake of motherland. This is my greatest weakness and greatest strength. It is my strength because I know my tendency and I audit my decisions again. So your camp has allowed me to know that Sanskriti also has the same thread. I think Sanskriti has also realised her hidden potential.

Please accept my compliments for organising. I was pleased to note that Sanskriti stood first infield category amongst all 106 students. I am really grateful to all the staff of the school who have helped me take the decision to join the Pathways family and now appreciate our family bonding every single day.

Col JK Singh

Letter to the Pathwasian Community

1. Please accept my compliments for creating an outstanding hub of education in the form of Pathways World School on Aravali Hills. It is indeed a pleasure to go through the infrastructure, the ambience, the educational values, host of co curricular activities, the elevation of education with technology and the best of staff. I am myself from a boarding school and I owe my success to my teachers. I still carry a part of personality of my teachers, so, I understand the importance of good education in life.

2. I am an Army Officer with 32 years of service. I have two daughters and my wife particularly has set very high goals for my complete family members including me. My younger daughter joining the school is reflection of her steel will to be associated with the best and you are the best in the field of education. I must share that this school was short listed by my elder daughter who is Captain Srishti Jiwantika Singh, a Girl Pilot with Air India Express flying aircraft on the route to Dubai , Abu dhabi etc from Trivendrum. She visited the school and saw the infrastructure. She was rightly given the correct lead and support by Ms Priya Rao, Head of Admission and communication. I must put on record my sincere appreciation specially for Ms Priya Rao because she really made us believe the real educational foundation of the school, We could sense the difference of this school vis a vis any other school. My entire decision from possibility of association with Pathways to final admission was greatly pushed positively by my elder daughter's connectivity with Ms Priya Rao, which got further cemented by a connection which my wife found and I found in her professionally and personally when we met her. Sir the wars are not won by Generals alone but by such captains who valiantly fight at the ground level. I appreciate on records the professional competence of Ms Priya Rao.

3. I want to thank the Principal for Middle school, Mr Sumit Dargan also who was so friendly to my daughter during the course of interaction that the best in the child showed up. In fact, I pulled up my daughter that you should be little more conventional when you speak to your teachers. You know,sir being from the Army, discipline and form takes first priority. To this my daughter told me that the Principal was so friendly that it appeared to me that he was like a friend and we are the same age. I must appreciate the ability of the Principal to be a General with a General and a sepoy with a sepoy. This is remarkable in human industry.

4. I admire Ms Shruti Malhotra, Parents Relation Coordinator who is presently with admissions who converted us from stranger to pathways to a friend of the school by good and very positive note ,Ms Rupika Patil ,Senior Manager Admissions and Ms Kriti Bhatia, who is Assistant Manager Admission who assured confidence and dispelled my anxieties by their unique gesture.

5. Hostel warden Ms Atia Khan Nile Hostel and Floor Warden Ms Lorraine Tomlinson in the words of my younger daughter Sanskriti, are a combination of Mother, caretaker, teacher and friend. She has tremendous liking for them .Thats why she says to me that I donot like to break any rules because they all love me ,like me and help me grow.

6. Sanskriti who is in the school, strictly speaking is even brighter than my elder daughter. My elder daughter was above average but very laborious and once she sets her mind ,she will put everything to achieve it. Sanskriti has a spark of a very different kind right from childhood. She wants to achieve something big in life. I urge you to air her quest for greatness specially in the initial days of school…later being a horse, she with your support, I am sure will start galloping.

7.Being an Army officer, I have put in everything with me to ensure that my daughter receives only the best. Ours , a very hard earned money indeed….I trust that as my daughter says.. "She is proud of Pathways… and someday wants to do something so that Pathways is proud of her".

8. I do the hindi commentary for the Army Day Parade, Republic day parade, NCC Parade etc and I am a motivator also, conducting classes. At any time if I can do anything for the school, it will give me immense pleasure. If you want my daughter to guide other boys and Girls to take up flying, I am sure she will also do it on priority. highest regards,

Col J K Singh
Mobile 8860942623

Letter to Ankita

Dear Ankita

It's the last day of school for this academic year, and would like to thank you and Shilpi for a fantastic year.

Aniruddha is very fond of you and for sure will miss you in his next class and school. Hoping he finds the same connect with the teachers in KG as well.

We are very happy with Aniruddha's development and he has come back home very happy from school. Nothing more satisfying for a parent than to see child enjoy and talk so fondly about his class and school. So a big thank you!

Wishing you the very best for future endeavours and world is too small and our paths will cross again, till then take care. Wishing you and your family very best.

Kids have their own way of saying thank you, while it was my suggestion to get you a little token of thanks , Aniruddha wrote the note on his own( with help offcourse!)

There is little thank you note and present in Aniruddha's bag for you and Shilpi.

Also he is carrying " happy holidays" cake , pls help the kids to cut it. It's eggless and without creame.


Letter to Hello Ma’ams and Sirs

The hardest thing for a child is to leave a place where one spends 7 hours everyday with friends and teachers who are most loving and giving.

Last four years have been wonderful for Aarshiya and I have seen her developing in a confident, warm, intelligent child who is equipped to make wise choices even at such a tender age.

I know she will miss running towards her “Sonia Ma’am, Lisha Ma’am, Prachi Ma’am, Richa Ma’am, Reecha Ma’am, Ranjana Ma’am” to hug them; and I will miss seeing the excitement in her eyes when she tells me stories of her teachers J. I am grateful for all her form tutors to bear with my concerns and taking extra care of her allergies in the school, and an extra mile in the camps.

As a parent, I have beautiful memories of all the events, the performances, dances, songs, the happy faces while singing songs in the choir and the involvement of every teacher. A heartfelt thanks to all music and dance teachers for inculcating a lifelong interest in her.

It has been simply amazing to see her playing a simple instrument “recorder” every single day ever since and her effort to play same notes on a Piano. That’s what Pathways does, making learning simple but deeply rooted.

As we relocate to a new country with a new school system, my friends ask me if I am scared and if this is big a risk for me to uproot my children; but I am not scared as I know the values are set in both Aarush and Aarshiya.

I am truly indebted to all the teachers who have loved, taught and embedded the right values to bring out the best in her.

I will deeply cherish the last 4 years and I will miss all the school and all her teachers.

Thank you all for everything.
Warm regards

Letter to Dear Sri Arvind

Grade 12 is appearing for the finals and in just a few days will leave the portals of Pathways for the wide world. Amritesh, like most other students, is already feeling the emotions of leaving their alma mater.

Mrs Daga joins me in expressing our gratitude to you and your team for your kind understanding and compassionate handling of our son Amritesh's needs and requirements over the period of four years he has spent under your tutelage. Your painstaking grooming and character building will doubtless stand him well in his life ahead.

It is our understanding that perhaps your career will take you to other places and we wish you all success.

Our sincere thanks once again and with best personal regards and good wishes,

Yashwant Daga

Letter to Dear Mr. Chalasani

I wanted to write to you to thank you in person for having been there for Samrath and us in our times of anxiety, queries and need. There have been so many times that we have looked up to you for help and not once have we been let down or turned away by you. You have been one anchor in the Senior School who has been willing to answer all queries with a smile.

Thank you for having been the disciplinarian, the guide and the mentor to Samrath. Hope these kids always imbibe what you have taught them. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours and looking forward to meeting you again. Thank you once again Sir!!

Ajai Singh Mehandru

Letter to Arvind

The ESS field trip was an all round success for the students of Class XI.

Zephorah was raving about the trip, be it the arrangements of boarding and lodging, field work and co ordination, travel and of course the learning outcome from a "hands on " experience.

The meticulous precision of planning and execution speaks volume of the kind of effort that went in and undoubtedly, the same could not have been achieved but for the unstinting support and guidance you gave Guru, the backbone of ESS at Pathways and favourite of the students. Three cheers for Guru!!

I take keen interest in the progression of Zephorah at Pathways and under your team and your tutelage, I have no doubt that she will emerge as a versatile personality, ready to face the challenges of the world.

With warm regards
Neena Khanna
(Grandmother of Zephorah)
+91 9315119961 /
H-503 Central park – 1, Golf Course Road, Sector – 42, Gurgaon Haryana 122009, India

Letter to Dear Priiya

This is my heartfelt feedback on the wonderful annual production put up by the entire primary school. I would like to congratulate the entire team of students and teachers who put up such a professionally executed sincere performance. Each scene of the show was a treat to the eyes and the grandeur and overall quality of the show was simply beyond our expectations. Each and every child was so involved in their performance and connected so well with the audience. These little kids completely owned the show and their parents and grandparents felt so lucky and proud to witness their talents showcased through Mowgli's journey!

The spectrum of visuals was quite unusual, there was drama, western and Indian dance aerial acts, show anchoring. All the solo and group acts were so beautifully woven together that we were at complete loss of words when this splendid show sadly added. The finale song was sung in high spirits by the entire school taking the stage by a storm.

I especially loved the speech by the chief guest,.. it was so spot on the relevant issues that are plaguing the society today. The line about the imbalance created in nature by mankind is important food for thought. Hope what he said will help us make better choices on our lifestyle to save our kids' future.

Thanks Priiya, .. really grateful for the confidence this unique exposure has instilled in my kids

Letter to Dear Ms Meenakshi Singal

As parents of your student Ekko Zarayskiy we would like to express our gratitude to you and your colleagues for an opportunity to enjoy the Primary School Annual Production.

Ekko has joined the school recently and participated in the production for the first time. We were surprised that, being a novice to India and the Pathways school, he genuinely enjoyed the preparation process and the performance itself.

We appreciated high standard of event organization and management, as well as creativity and efforts of teachers and students.
The overall experience far exceeded our expectations from an in-house school production. In fact, it was a professionally made show!
It also left us captivated by the charm and good will of the staff members and school leaders working hard to promote value-driven and all-round education for our little futures.

We share similar values and encourage our child to go beyond boundaries and exercise freedom of choice and will. Ability to see true self and what you aspire to totally worths nurturing by both the school and the parents and is one of key learnings at the earliest stage of life.

Kindly accept our appreciation of your hard work. We are grateful to become part of Pathways community.

Warmest regards,
Natalia and Grigory

Letter to Dear Mentors

A very good morning to you all.

I am writing to express our thank you for acknowledging and rewarding Samarth's Grade 7 journey with the outstanding academic achievement award. A heart felt gratitude to each one of you for contributing towards his growth and development. It is an extremely proud and joyous moment for us as his sister, Avantika is also being awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement and Music Awards for Grade 5.

These awards go a long way in motivating and encouraging the children to working towards building an academic journey which will be momentous and memorable.

Proud Pathways Parents

Monica Sharma Chopra / Dipak Chopra

Letter to Ms Ruby Singh

Thank you Ruby. This is again good news.

am very sure, the school would be more happier than us to form the future of this challenging student. It is really a great achievement for Pathways to accept a SEN student and encourage him to appear for one of the toughest Exams in the world. Pathways education, especially the SEN approach and its adaptation has been a tremendous success in Jaspreet's educational life.

His critical analysis to issues, approach to problems are the proof that he is a real Pathwaysian!

Another happy news I would like to share with all of you that we could finally brought his hand tremor (Essential Tremor) under control through a STEMCELL Therapy at Stembrella , Holy Angels Hospital. It was a one and a half months treatment to inject his own stem cells to pump more blood circulation to his brain parts where he had cortical hyper perfusion. He can now easily write, hold pen without shivering, eat through chopstick, walk abruptly, hug his mom without his hands shivering...... Emoji

He will be off to Ohio Wesleyan University on 16th August for his next steps of higher studies in Zoology. His IGCSE scores and ICE merit were very well accepted by OWU. Also, there were great feedback from Ms. Neena Virmani to MS. Nicole More, the Director of International Admissions.

Thank you all for all the support throughout the years!

Warmest Regards,
Jaya Paul

Letter from Bhagirathy Jhingran

Dear Mam

Having spent a substantial part of my life in Pathways World School Aravali, I can only say that I am what I am, because of who we all are.

Being a part of this institution has given me a lot in terms of my confidence, professional ability, creature comforts and dignity. I came to this school with a firm grounding in the National Curriculum,and then I dismantled my ideas, tweaked them a bit, revamped my strategies and transformed my transaction of the subject, only to realize that Areas of Knowledge or Subjects never change, but they are understood and shared in different ways in varying curricula in an ever-changing spatial and temporal context. I am able to now appreciate the relevance of plurality and acknowledge the voice of dissent. I am able to look at issues objectively yet understand that models never fit reality. I do make instructional plans which are standardized knowing fully well that each of my student will have an impact on my plan, only to turn it into a customized one. Being a role model, team player and leading my team here at Pathways has earned me goodwill, for a lifetime.

My own children have gained tremendously in terms of receiving a fine education, warmth, care and coaching from a formidable team of educators, who make this profession, a rather proud one. At Pathways, as teachers, we have been blessed with a rigorous training program which is on-the-job, independence for creative thought and the wherewithal to execute the same. In my tenure of almost 12 years here, what I have received has exceeded my expectations in terms of the mere remuneration. It has included the country-side ride to work each day, the sumptuous meals we received each day, the seamless services provided by our Support Staff, the creature comforts of the infrastructure, the camaraderie and healthy competition from meritorious colleagues. The management of the school has been truly visionary in terms of taking on the initial wave of the International Baccalaureate Program in this part of the world, and none can take away, this accolade from us. It is now for us to sustain this and be proud of our institution. Great Educational Institutions are truly made from the contribution of the faculty and the supporting staff steered by the vision of the Management and eventually how our Parent community spread the good word and our Alumni give back to the society. We as Schools, are special, and we are meant for the tough times, that we are facing collectively as humankind today.

If kids come to us from strong, healthy functioning families, it makes our job easier. If they do not come to us from strong, healthy, functioning families, it makes our job more important.

We are not mere teachers, who transact curricula within the walls of a classroom. We open up minds, we guide, we watch from the side, we are omnipresent, we are accessible, we are important for the system, for the nation. We are the game changers, and we have to believe so, irrespective of the curricula, the cohort of students and the institutionwhere we teach. Our results will make us proud, years from now when we would have created happy young individuals who are grounded yet forward looking, strong individuals yet belong to the Society the world, at large.

And for all our dear students , I would only like to say….

Don’t study to earn, study to learn. What you learn today is what you will become tomorrow.

Eternally grateful to PATHWAYS WORLD SCHOOL ARAVALI from 2004 till date, and thankful to all the forces of this habitat which helped me flourish and perhaps, give back a little, in return.

“Mrs Bhagirathy Jhingran is both – a faculty member and a parent herself at Pathways World School”

Letter to Ms Meenakshi Singal

Dear Maam

We wish to share my feedback regarding the Hindi language classes being attended by Kabier in Grade 4. The efforts put in by the Hindi department and the teachers are praiseworthy.

As shared with you last year, Kabier was positively motivated by his Hindi teacher, Ms. Pinki, in many simple ways to start using the language in his daily dialect. There was a fresh bond being developed with the language and Kabier started enjoying his Hindi classes.

This year, as a skilled teacher, an experienced professional and a specialist in handling young minds, Ms. Ranjana Varshney has done a remarkable task with Kabier. Her efforts are commendable as she has worked towards inculcating further interest in the language. Along with appropriate values, life skills and discipline in class, she instilled the significance of completing class work in time and we have witnessed a positive change of attitude in Kabier regarding the same. We applaud her for her patience and for using novel & effective ways to encourage young children to speak and write in Hindi.

We have witnessed an improvement in Kabier’s listening and writing skills. Kabier has shown a significant progress in his abilities to read the Hindi text and speak meaningfully & effectively.

As a part of a recent initiative undertaken by Kabier towards spreading awareness and supporting his Anti Smoking campaign, he targeted groups of workers in a factory. We were pleasantly surprised to witness him speak fluently with the groups of workers in Hindi to communicate the health hazards of use of tobacco and smoking. As observers, it was rewarding for us to witness that he competently and effortlessly communicated his thoughts and expressions in Hindi.

We would like to thank Ms. Ranjana and her team of teachers for their patience and determined efforts in making the Hindi classes an enjoyable learning experience for Kabier. We hope that Kabier continues to be encouraged to learn and love his mother tongue.

Karann and Preeti Malik
(Parents of Kabier Malik; Grade 4B)

Letter to Ms Poonam Bhardwaj

Hi Poonam

As the school closes today I remember the day when I decided to choose Pathways for my daughter, Nikshika. There were many doubts, espaciallly regarding the road that leads to Pathways and the kind of tutoring that would be available to her in Pathways. Today after a brief period of two months I can say that probably this is the best decision I’d ever make for my ward. Under your guidance she has learnt a lot. Her linguistic skills in Hindi as well as English have shown tremendous improvement. She is less pampered now and is more self regulated. She treats school as her 1st home now. All this could not have been possible without you. Everything that you taught her has been so subtle and so effortless for her that now it has become a part of her personality. You have been extremely caring for her. You have always been available to us for help even at odd hours.

I’d like to thank you for the immense change that you have brought out in the personality of Nikshika in a short period of two months.

Thanks a lot!!!!

Sunil Kumar

Letter to Ms Meenakshi Singal

Dear Maam

Greetings for the day.

We write this letter to express our appreciation for all the efforts taken by Kabier’s teachers during this academic year of Grade 4 (2015-2016).

The curriculum has been well handled by Ms. Lydia Aashish Valsalen and Ms. Shikha Duggal. Ms. Lydia has been a devoted form tutor. Very rare do we acknowledge the role of people who shape us, mould us and help us find ourselves in the process. Ms. Lydia’s ability to mentor Kabier has propelled his development positively.

The interest generated through classroom learning and discussions, has resulted in Kabier inquiring, researching, reflecting and acting in interesting ways. There have been several times when we have been delighted of Kabier’s actions revealing comprehensive learning gained at school. Ms. Lydia’s suggestion for Kabier to undertake a personal inquiry is deeply appreciated.

We wish to share one such recent significant learning: Kabier has been a keen observer and inquirer to understand why people smoke and or use tobacco products. During the winter vacations, Kabier undertook a personal inquiry to understand the hazards of smoking & using tobacco. For this, he had visited the Indian Cancer Society facility to explore and learn more about the issue. He explored the various ways in which unhealthy practices harm one’s health and the significance of spreading awareness for a healthy future for individuals and families. His curiosity led him to engage in self research, interview target groups, develop a poster, hold small but meaningful awareness sessions with target groups and present his research at school.

You will be glad to know that Kabier’s research project has been appreciated at the Indian Cancer Society and they plan to have him present his work at the Ministry of Health and at the WHO centre at New Delhi.

We are glad that the self initiated winter vacation research allowed him to construct meaning through guided inquiry and encouraged action.

Kabier’s learning and interest in specialist subjects of ICT, life skills, music, dance and hindi has grown many folds this year. We thank each of the mentors for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning.

We wish to acknowledge and appreciate the dedicated efforts of his teachers supported by the competent and organized guidance from Ms. Shalini Ranjan. In our meetings with her during the year, she has always been open to our feedback and has given us a clear understanding of the issues discussed with her. As a special mention, her ability to discipline with gentle and motivational words during the Grade 4 camps helped Kabier appreciate alternate views helping him become more open minded.

Ms. Ritika Wahal and Mr. Jim Elvin have always encouraged Kabier to make efforts to sing, learn to practice and play the guitar regularly and to appreciate different genre of music. We see his enthusiasm towards performing arts and believe that the learning engagements at school play a vital role in shaping his interests. We consider Ms. Wahal and Mr. Elvin as very gifted teachers.

We understand that the life-skill classes conducted by Ms. Kukreja were always interesting and eagerly awaited by Kabier. Through these sessions, she was not only teaching her fourth-graders the various topics to be covered in the curriculum but she was teaching them to care about other people. That, we are sure, is a direct reflection of her own personal commitment to her students. She is viewed not only as a teacher, but as a friend, authority and guide, all rolled into one person. We believe her classes have groomed Kabier positively.

The ICT classes conducted by Ms. Aastha Sidhanth have helped Kabier to learn different tools of Microsoft Publisher, Windows Movie Maker etc. and he has acquired great interest in the subject. His understanding of algorithms and flowcharts reveal good logical reasoning to solve a given problem. We appreciate her efforts as a skilled teacher.

We thank you and your team of excellent teachers again for all the wonderful work you have done and wish you all the best for the next year.

Karann and Preeti Malik
(Parents of Kabier Malik; Grade 4B)

Letter to Sarah & Geet's

Most of you are aware that today is Sarah and Geet's last day at Pathways Aravali. I would like to say a big Thank You for all your efforts. It has been a delight knowing you all.

As parents, we know perfect schools and perfect teachers and staff are hard to find, but for us, you all have been the best for our children. We acknowledge the contribution that you all have made in the journey through their early education. Thank you for your love and care you have given to Sarah and Geet each day and we truly appreciate that.

It hasn't been an easy decision and we look forward to being associated with Pathways again.

Pls. convey our thanks to the specific subject teachers like Music, Dance, PE, Hindi and to the assistant Home Room tutors and to everyone else who have contributed in some way.

Thanks Again.
Reena & Raman

Letter to Dear Poonam

As this academic year comes to an close, would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Anu for all your support and contributions from helping Ahana to settle down (as she started this academic year only in January), to being an inspiration in my little one’s life.

She adores her school and the star attraction for her is Poonam Mam. To mention a fact she now wants a haircut like you and to be honest already imagines to have one like yours. She does role plays at home where, stating the obvious, she is you and an imaginary group of children are being taught. It is like have an imaginary peep into what her day has been back at school. A lovely experience it is.

She seems to have grown so much in these last few months, her concepts are much clearer, her thought process more analytical and yes she is more expressive, but best of all is the fact that she likes going to school and enjoy the experience.

Thank you for your time, your patience, your ability to help Ahana settle down so well. Thank you for all your hard work. We truly appreciate it.

Have a great break!

Letter to Mr Prashant Jain

Dear Prashant,

Thank you for guiding me to your esteemed institution for my daughter Sonal and I shall like to express my gratitude to the team at Pathways World School , Aravali for the professional support extended to my family.

As shared with you our family was at a crucial stage of taking the right decision for Sonal on the choice of board (IBDP or ISC) for her Class XIth to facilitate her learning experience along with her preference for subjects of interest (Computers and Psychology). We were listened patiently, multiple queries answered , guided and then oriented on the IBDP program by Ms Alka Verma which lead us to apply for admission process.

I shall like to appreciate the well planned admission process specifically the interactions with Head Academics and IBDP-Coordinator who asked us the right questions on our thought process for higher education for Sonal post XIIth and basis that we were guided suitably. We were impressed by the transparent, frank and right advice given to us by the team irrespective of the fact that we may not join your school and demonstrates the high standards of ethics imbibed in the institution.

The final personal interaction with Dr Naidu in the admission process was an experience and appreciate the personal time he spends with children desiring to join Pathways World School. He guided us again suitably on our concerns. Due to education system compulsions in India for Under-Graduate programs in Science streams while we are compelled to retain Sonal in ISC Board but I must say I have become an admirer of your esteemed institution and would take the liberty of recommending my acquaintances for the same.

Thank you one again to Dr Naidu and the whole team at Pathways World School, Aravali.

Warm Regards,
Arun Bhatia

Letter to Mr Sumit Dargan

Dear Sumit Sir,

Congratulations!! on helping the students put a a great show. What a production!!

William Shakespeare has deep meaning messages in his plays but the way the students presented it was truly applaudable. This level of quality could only come together with attention to detail by the entire team of teachers and various experts who supported the students.

The variety created by adding dances was clearly a well thought through plan to learn and yet make it very interesting for the viewers. The detail of thought in the script, use of technology to record before hand and the back ground music took the entire production to a much higher level.

Truly a great learning for the children and enjoyable for both the performers and the viewers. For sure, high value education happens outside the classroom and the middle school production is a great example.

ManMohan & Remi Thandi

Letter to the Pathwasian Community

Dear Executive Director, Principal, Teachers, Students & all other persons of Pathways Primary School, Gurgaon associated with the Annual Function:


I came to your School on 17th December, 2014 to experience with the children their journey through darkness and light as eloquently highlighted in the Invitation Mail (forwarded to me by the parents of my grand-children) and was thoroughly impressed by the skills displayed by the students towards ‘building a world without strife’. What a wonderful idea – Kuthubutu ndoto – Dare to Dream through a musical display! The characters chosen to be displayed by them were remarkable and very carefully and intelligently selected. The performance of each of the chosen students selected to characterise the great persons from Rani Laxmi Bai to Ban Ki-moon, was commendable. The concept of the function was outstanding and highly appealing. I was very carefully observing the manner in which the children were performing their respective roles despite the chill and the chilly winds. It was a studiously planned function which went flawlessly making every parent and grand-parent proud of their children and grand-children respectively. The function eloquently highlighted the time-consuming efforts which had gone into organizing such a grand display for which the organizers in general and the teachers & students in particular need to be complimented.

Many times, the parents and grand-children under-estimate the potential of their children and grand-children. However, the faith and confidence in the potential of the young students which the school reposed in them undoubtedly proved that the young students of Pathways can achieve much greater heights with the care, knowledge and teaching which they get in the Pathways. It was heartening to watch the memorable performance of young children in front of a large gathering who were not even once distracted from the chosen roles despite uncomfortable and chilly winds. While many parents and grand-parents were feeling the impact of the inclement weather, the young students taught us that with the ‘will’ and ‘inner’ strength, they can perform beautifully even bare-foot on cold concrete stage – that too flawlessly. One cannot add milk in a glass full of milk. However, I thought that let me add some sugar by writing this mail to congratulate the students, the teachers and of course the organizers and the behind the scene workers who worked so hard to make it a grand success – making the visit of grand-parent like me – a grand experience!

The entire function highlighted that the teachers believed in themselves and in the confidence of their young students. Even the students assigned duties in the school galleries leading to the stage courteously and decently welcomed all the guests making every one proud and feel that the choice of parents in choosing Pathways for their children was not flawed and cannot be faulted with on any count! Everything was planned properly and displayed in an outstanding manner and the smiling faces of young children in colourful costumes were a reflection of love and delight. It is said that nothing will change in one’s life if one doesn’t do something different from what one has been doing. The children did it differently and explained the highly complex concept in a simple manner. The inner and outer strength displayed by the students highlighted their joy in participating in such a monumental function. Pathways and its students dared to dream in a big way and were successful to the core, clearly highlighting that they can and will achieve greater heights in the years to come. And surely one day, they will do much greater things than the great heights achieved by the characters displayed on the stage and those displayed on the Boards on the path leading to event.

The interruption by the Executive Director for one-minute silence in honour of those who were senselessly and cowardly killed in Pakistan a couple of days before, was a humanitarian master-stroke and unequivocally displayed that all human-beings despite their race, religion, caste, country, gender feel the same pain and care as their own who lost their young ones. I am sure that like me, the parents and the grand-parents who came to attend the function enjoyed the journey displayed by the students for building a world without strife. For a change, the speeches too were to the point and highlighted the finer points and the salient features of the function in a very limited time. The refreshments in the lawn too were well organized. All in all, it was a grand show – with some ignorable minor hiccups not worth mentioning.

One little suggestion - I have been attending all the functions of Pathways for the last three years and have observed that somehow the commencement of such functions gets delayed for some avoidable reasons! This develops a little visible restlessness amongst the invitees particularly when the weather is not friendly and therefore the invitees in future could be requested to be seated 15 minutes before the commencement of the function at the scheduled time!

I also take this opportunity to wish you all in the Pathways a Merry Christmas and a very Happy & Prosperous New Year - 2015.

Yours sincerely,
I.L. Bhatia

Letter to the Pathwasian Community

Respected Maam and Sir,
With deep respect in my heart and tears of happiness in my eyes, I wish to thank Dr. Naidu, Ms. Meenakshi Singal, Ms. Malini Ghosh, Alka ma'am( head admission) Udaishree Maam, Ranjana Maam, Jim Sir, Norbu Sir, Ritika Maam and everyone in the staff for all the congratulations and thanks I have received and for a memorable afternoon.

When I had got Adhrit's admission done in Pathways all I could think of is "how will my child travels so far", "what will he eat?"

In Last 15 days, he came home tanned, tired even hurt but never in a single moment did he wish to miss school. I think that's a complement for all the teachers. This term I have seen him immensely improve not only in acedemics- Hindi too but gaining over all confidence and it is Becoz of effort of all of u all.

Last but not the least: thank u a million for chossing to honour my Parents or as Dr. Naidu says: Adhrit's grandparents. They are honoring the bouquet as one would honor a Medal given to a soldier fighting for his country.

I am not an ambitious mom, just want my child to be happy healthy and a good human being, but As Dr. Naidu once said that good is an enemy of great, I promise to all of you that I will not let your efforts go waste and with your help and guidance shape Adhit to do what he does best.

"Guru Gobind Dono khade, Kaike lagon paon , balihari guru aapno, Jo Govind diyo milaen . "

Wishing all of you happy holidays, merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Warm Regards,

Letter to Dear Mr Dargan,

I was truly impressed with the award ceremony today like always. Every function in school is a class apart. The performances by the children was fantastic . Along with how wonderfully the children were handed out awards . I am proud of being a parent of Pathways, Aravali. The teachers put in so much to bring out the best in our kids. From education to cultural and sports everything is so emphasized upon. I loved the dances choreographed by Norbou sir like always and the drama put up by the boys. It was better than some shows we buy tickets for . You are a wonderful principal and I would like to thank you for always being so open and communicative and even bending rules (like allowing our dog on campus) for one child's happiness. It actually made a lot of children very happy 😊. I really liked listening to Mr Jain's speech too. So concise and a few of the things he said made an impact on me.

Kudos to you Sir for managing this lovely school and would like to thank you and each and every member of the faculty for all you do.

A proud parent
Smita Agarwalla
(Ananya's mum)

Letter to All

Dear All

My warmest greetings to you all of you from the Middle East. I am very pleased to tell you that Adam has now started studies at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada. I just dropped him and came back. Just wanted to tell you that Adam received acceptance from all six universities he applied for and had chosen to go the UBC.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude and hearty appreciation to you all for the unreserved support you have given to Adam during his stay in Pathways. I thank you so much for your understanding, your patience and the love and compassion you have shown to Adam. He would not be where he is now without your support. Thank you so much.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the faculty members, the administration staff, the dorm moms and supervisors, the general service staff, the finance staff and all others for supporting Adam and helping him to reach to this stage.

Thank you
Amare (Adam’s parent)

Letter to Alka

Dear Alka,

Hi! I have been thinking of writing to you for a while now and finally have gotten around to doing it. I am actually copying Dr. Naidu on this as I feel he'll be happy to read this as well! I have been getting news of school and am happy to hear of the good progress the school is making. One of my main reasons for writing is for once not to complain or give "constructive criticism" but to give you something to cheer about. Both Priyankaa and Akanksha started classes here, Priyankaa in Baylor University; and Akanksha in 8th grade. Priyankaa was amazed at how easily she has been able to adapt to college life and class requirements. One of the main reasons she says she has been able to do that is because of IB and how it trained her and prepared her to handle academics in University. So yeah!! Go Pathways!

Akanksha came back from school the first day and said that the first question the teacher in science class asked the students was, "What is enquiry?" and she was like, "Boy, did I know that answer after seven years of PYP and middle school:)" She is also doing so well in class, answering all the questions and is already at the top of her grade. She placed very high in Math and so is doing 9th grade math.

Apart from the academics, the girls have approached their new situations in life with such confidence, participating in everything, making new friends and adapting so well to the new culture on the whole and new classroom/school culture and ethos particularly.

Thank you to Pathways for the part it has played in molding and growing our children to adapt at the global stage and be equal if not more, in every aspect of their student lives.

My wish is that PWS continues to grow from strength to strength in creating truly responsible, global citizens. If I can be of help in that please do not hesitate to ask. I shall always remain a Pathwayzian parent:) You are always welcome to come visit us when in the US. Sukhwant sends his regards.

With Thanks and Regards
Vinita Bhatia

Letter to Seasons greetings

Dear Sir,

This session is coming to an end and so is our dear Ashita will pass out from school finally like Eshaan did few years back. How time flies by so soon ... It seems only just some time back that we bought Ashita and Eshaan to Pathways. With them we also became family members of the school homely community.

There were ups and downs but the support of all the teachers always remained with us and we could survive here with the thought that each one of you is so fond of them and nurture them like own kids. We have no words but appreciation comes from the bottom of our hearts for bringing out the best in Eshaan and Ashita, giving right direction to them in our absence.

Both Eshaan and Ashita will keep the name of school on a high platform by being good human beings and great achievers. Eshaan has come in Deans list this year with 95% marks in Mechanical Engineering. Ashita will definitely follow same steps.
With best Wishes, all happiness and success to you and a promise to stay in touch, as we will always miss you and remember you as great teachers, motivators and friends.

With Thanks and Regards
Manoj and Namita Bhatnagar

Letter to Pathways

Respected Sir, Pathways







Thanks and Regards,
Sunita Aggarwal

Letter to Mr Arvind

Dear Mr Arvind Sir,

Just a quick note to say a heartfelt thank you and team Pathways for what has been an excellent 2-year academically, socially and on the sports field for our daughter Anuja Vora Class 12. It’s been a joy to watch her flourish as she has.The nurturing school environment you’ve created has been exactly what she’s needed. The involvement and enthusiasm shown by you is worth emulating.

As we wish to meet you personally on 12th April last week before Graduation Day Function but we missed this opportunity since you were busy for the final preparation for the function, as we are sincerely grateful to you and all the Teachers in Particular, Mrs. Usha (Psycology) for life changing guidance & Motherly care bestowed on my daughter during this two years, Mr. Praveen (Bio) to make her believe in herself & Mr. Sanjay (B & M) to make her work harder and both House Parents Mrs. Neoline Mangalwadi and Ms Aveent.

As a token of gratitude, I wish to share an inspiring letter written by Abraham Lincoln which was sent to the headmaster of a school where his son was attending..


In the school ,

Teach him to have faith in his own ideas, even if everyone tells him they are wrong.

Teach him to be gentle with gentle people, and tough with the tough.

Try to give my son the strength not to follow the crowd when everyone is getting on the band wagon.

Teach him to listen to all men but teach him also to filter all he hears on a screen of truth, and take only the good that comes through.

Teach him if you can , how to laugh when he is sad.

Teach him there is no shame in tears.

Teach him to scoff at cynics and to beware of too much sweetness

Teach him to sell his brawn and brain to the highest bidders but never to put a price-tag on his heart and soul.

Teach him to close his ears to a howling mob and to stand and fight if he thinks he's right.

Treat him gently, but do not cuddle him, because only the test of fire makes fine steel.

Let him have the courage to be impatient.

Let him have the patience to be brave.

Teach him always to have sublime faith in himself because then he will have sublime faith in mankind.


I take this opportunity to thank you once again and wish that you continue to provide your guidance and support to the vision of Providing quality education to all children

God Bless you

Warm Regards,

Rupesh Vora
(M) +919824095643

Letter to Kavita & Neha

Hi Kavita & Neha,


Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you both for the stupendous job that you people are doing in shaping up Aarav. We were clearly very pleasantly surprised and amazed to see Aarav talk so well at the student led conference. We believe this is a superb concept to instil a lot of confidence into kids of such tender age..

This clearly shows what kind of effort you people are putting in to each and every child.

Very well done. We are really very very happy to see Aarav progress so wonderfully every day.

Thanks a lot
Thanks & Regards
Neeraj Mahajan

Letter to Ms Anupama

Dear Anupama,

My daughter Mayumi  joined Pathways in 2011 with a heavy heart and many issues. She was low on confidence, self esteem and had major problems with her social skills.Her overall academic performance was often a reason for conflicts within her  family and friends.

My reservations of sending her so far away from home and her comfort zone was removed the day we came for the interview at Pathways. I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and openness given to us by all at the Admissions Office.The entire process was conducted professionally and with a clear understanding of the needs of my child and the insecurities felt by a parent . Thank you for that.

Today we come full circle with Mayumi being mainstreamed after being under your care for just 2 1/2 years.I want to express my sincere gratitude and  appreciation for all the support you have provided. Without your compassion and the efforts put together by the SEN team my child would not be where she is today.  Thank you so much for understanding her potential, her strengths and weaknesses and guiding her in the right direction.

Both my husband and myself do not have enough words to express our gratitude for transforming Mayumi into a happy, confidant and academically  capable child.Every single teacher in the SEN team has showered her with genuine affection and has instilled in her a renewed hope and the will to try her best but only because she was aware that her teachers had full faith in her potential and inner strength.You have empowered Mayumi and that will hold her in good stead in the years to come.

Having said all this we also know that Mayumi has a long way to go in her academics and social skills but we are certain she is in the right hands. I look forward to seeing her grow in the capable hands of the Pathways Team.

With Gratitude,
Omak Apang and Audrey Apang Nongrum

Letter to Mr. Sumit

Dear Mr. Sumit,


I am delighted to inform you that Akash has adjusted very well here in Boston and has been enrolled at the Acton-Boxborough High School, one of the top US schools.

Although we are a little sad to be parting with Pathways, I wanted to specially thank you, and his teachers at the middle school for a wonderful journey in his education at Pathways.

Also wanted to share that his counsellor in Boston told Akash that she has never seen a more confident and focused kid who joined mid-term and was able to adjust in just a few days.

Akash will miss the Pathways community immensely and we will cherish and remember his middle school years at Pathways always.

Thanks and Warm Regards,
Nidhi Kapoor

Letter to Ms Anupama Diddee

Dear Ms. Diddee,

We wanted to share with you our experience and feelings about middle school in Pathways and what it has meant to Deeya and us.

During our very first visit to Pathways World School we were struck by the openness and spontaneous warmth of the reception and admissions staff. Instead of the uncomfortable grilling we had expected at the interview, we were led through an admissions procedure that was remarkable for the depth of the sincere interaction to understand the profile and needs of the applicant student. The entire process was conducted very professionally and with empathy.

Pathways has been like a very stimulating breath of fresh air both for Deeya and us. The transparent and participatory system of communicating with and keeping parents closely involved in the educational journey of their child is most comforting and seems unique compared to even the iconic public schools of yesteryears. An extract from a congratulatory mail that I had sent to Dr. Sarvesh Naidu after Pathways World School won the Indian Education Congress Award for ‘ Best Innovative K – 12 School ( National )’ best expresses our experience of the Middle School Program : “ To me the most impressive and appealing feature of Pathways World School is the unique ‘ chemistry’ that is pervasive and seems to work seamlessly to make it a great school. This is evident across all aspects and activities of the school where a ‘ caring human factor’ is discernible among the faculty, administration and staff that creates a wonderful nurturing environment for learning and grooming the students to become responsible and contributing members of the global citizenry. We are happy and proud to be the parents of a Pathways child.”

We owe a great deal to all the devoted teachers and instructors of middle school who taught Deeya and specially the SEN faculty under whose caring and, in Deeya’s words, kind and patient tutelage, Deeya has literally come out of her ‘shell’, which gives us great hope that she will grow responsibly to find her own happy place in the world by achieving her full potential.

With gratitude.

Seema and Satyamrit Kagti.

Letter to Ms Anupama Diddee


Our daughter Muskaan Soni grade 9H joined Pathways in the academic year 2012-2013.She began her 1st day of school as a shy timid over anxious child for a long time despite our efforts as parents. She was low on confidence and self esteem.Her overall academic performance was often our concern.A girl who detested Maths English writing and had problems with conceptual understanding and language comprehension.Muskaan today is just the opposite of all this and more......

But today we are a happy proud and an extremely contented parents who have been a part of the journey from failures and disappointments and over just a few months upon arrival in Pathways witnessed a sea of change brought over our daughter because of the amply skilled capable and a loving team of the SEN group

Both my husband and myself do not have enough words to express our gratitude for transforming Muskaan into a happy confidant and academically a visible person in her class that was something she always dreamt of but never could achieve.Every single teacher in the SEN team has showered Muskaan with genuine affection instilling in her a renewed hope and the will to try her best which she has but only because she was aware her dear teachers have full faith in her untapped potential and inner strength.

Having said all this we also know that Muskaan has a long way to go in her academics and social skills but we are certain she is in the right hands Please accept our sincere thanks for helping Muskaan discover her true self with your skill, expertise besides lot of care & love.

This empowerment will stand by her for years to come........

Regards Monica Soni

Letter to Mr. Arvind Kumar Chalasani,

Dear Arvind Sir,

Hereby I extend my Gratitude to you and your entire "Team of Faculty" at Pathways.

I had a vision for Ishan, - that in life – he should be a good Human , with Strong Character – Responsible – Concern for others – Ready to Help everyone – Respect the elders – should have Leadership skills and lead his team from the front – Achieve the goal against all hardship, earning the respect and love from the colleagues and still remain humble. The vision of him to participate in several different activities and events – That is "Jack of All and Master of None" thereby having a developed Personality – Maturity and Intelligence.

I had vision because I strongly believe that these qualities are more important for a person – To Respond with Ability to any situation in the life – To face the challenges of the life – To contribute to the Society and the World and alongside to become a "Successful Entrepreneur".

When on the day of Graduation, he was awarded with "The Chairman's Award" for his these qualities - (That is what I assumed) I was stunned – full of Emotions and I felt probably he has climbed a few steps of a long stair towards fulfilling that vision and my dream. Suddenly my heart was filled with gratitude towards "Pathways". I thanked my God for the decision I took to send him to Pathways instead of sending him to a reputed school of U.K. where also his admission was accepted.

Whatever he has achieved, that is only because of the wonderful Team of the Guardians at the Pathways – Their Love – Concern – Guidance – Encouragement – The Ambiance they have created - The Exposure and opportunity they give to the students, as if they are their own children. And that is why Ishan never felt he was away from home and we never worried about his well being.

I believe every student who passes out from Pathways shall make his own mark in the Society.

I would also like to thank the Founders and Promoters of Pathways for providing such a valuable Institution to the society.

I hope that this Heritage will continue forever for the benefit of Many More and seek the blessings from "All of You" for Ishan to be able to make Pathways proud of him.

Kindly convey my Thanks and Feelings to all and everyone concerned at Pathways.

Sincerely Yours,
Saroj Kumar Jhunjhunwala

Letter to Ms Alka,

Dear Ms Alka,

It was a pleasure meeting you the other day and it was wonderful going around your fine school.

We have discussed little else at home for the last two days. I am pleased to say that Shaurya is extremely excited about coming to Pathways for the IB Programme and is really looking forward to being there. He is also excited being a boarder.

I will fill out the Application form and get the required documents across to the school shortly. We hope to bring Shaurya along to school for the interaction and test later this month.

As parents, we are looking forward to Shaurya flowering into a fine young man in the nurturing environment that your school provides.

Best Regards

Shailen and Supriya

Letter to Dr. Naidu

Dear Dr. Naidu,

Warm greetings from Colombo. It was a pleasure meeting you at Pathways Aravali when I came in March. I am writing this e-mail to you, to express my sincere gratitude and hearty appreciation for all the support you have provided for my son Adam. Without your compassion and support, Adam would not have been able to continue in that school. Thank you so much for your unreserved advise and coaching to put Adam on the right track. Though I met you for the first time in person, I do hear that your are instrumental in every bit of success Adam has made to this date. Thank you so much for understanding his potential, his strengths and weaknesses and guiding him in the right direction.

We are new parents at Pathways and have kids in Grade 4 and 2 respectively. We were delighted to see our little ones perform on stage and conduct themselves beautifully. It was a great production with the classics being enacted. Our kids are still singing songs from the various classics that were presented. Our son who was a sports and academics sort of person has begun to enjoy and appreciate dance and drama during this first year at Pathways and our daughter has blossomed under the tutelage of her teachers.

His family owes a great deal to the school and the faculty for the patience, the understanding and support given to Adam at all times. I thank all faculty members that have carried Adam to this day. My sincere thanks goes to everybody, and specifically to Mr. Arvind, Dr. Naidu, Geraldine, Vinay, all his teachers and support staffs who have given Adam utmost support.

I am confident Adam is learning from his mistakes and developing on it. I believe he will come out triumphant at the end of the day. I hope to meet you again during the graduation.

My best regards


Letter to Team Pathways

Dear Team Pathways,

We just got back after a relaxing Holi break and wanted to pen a few words of appreciation on a wonderful Founder's day event.

We are new parents at Pathways and have kids in Grade 4 and 2 respectively. We were delighted to see our little ones perform on stage and conduct themselves beautifully. It was a great production with the classics being enacted. Our kids are still singing songs from the various classics that were presented. Our son who was a sports and academics sort of person has begun to enjoy and appreciate dance and drama during this first year at Pathways and our daughter has blossomed under the tutelage of her teachers.

Thanks and Regards

Truly appreciate the effort put in by the entire Pathways team.


Monica Sharma Chopra and Dipak Chopra

Letter to Mr Sumit

Dear Mr Sumit,

I wish to take this oppurtunity to thank you and the entire staff and team of Pathways for having given the kids such a wonderful experience at the camps. Through the weekend Samrath had stories to share about the trip and appreciation of how well managed the camps were. Sir cant thank you enough for having the patience to attend to our queries and concerns. Didnt want to loose this moment to congratulate you for all the effort and care you took to make this event a successful one. Many thanks once again and am certainly a proud parent of the Pathways family.

Ajai Mehandru

Letter to Mr Dargan

Dear Mr. Dargan,

Its good to hear that the children are having a wonderful time enjoying the various activities.

I can understand all the effort the school is making to organize this camp and the load of responsibility this puts on you and your team and I appreciate that with all the work that you have, you still find time to send us your updates which are so reassuring.

I hope you have a wonderful day today and wish you all the best.

Sabeha Mir

Letter to Ms. Mir

Dear Ms. Mir,

Grade 8 is getting on with numerous activities today.

Yesterday whilst one group rafted down the Ganges, another one trekked deeper and higher into the forest, besides engaging in a lot of activities at the Camp site.

We did mark the birthday of one of our Grade 8 students at the Camp site on Wednesday evening and got a surprise cake to cut – which of course was consumed in no time!

The students are feeling hungrier and enjoying eating – which is impressive – and very encouraging too!

Here below are some photographs to give you all a sense of them having a blast!!!

I regret that owing to my mobility and visiting each Camp site, the connectivity for my phone and of the internet has not been very regular and therefore such inputs are a little spaced out.

But I assure you that all is well and we work on the simple rationale that 'No news is good news'.

Also I wish to thank all of you for the immense patience and support that your e-mails have been indicative of.

Look forward to sending another communique by tomorrow.


Greetings for the New Year !!

Let me thank both Ms. Bhagirathy and Mr. Gurucharachan for a very successful "Purvanchal trip". Not only their concern and care for each and every child was commendable but their patience, committment and enthusiasm infused that spark in all the students.

The children too were at their best behaviour and made me proud as a parent.Despite the cold and wind they successfully completed their itenarary and much more. Hats off to them for getting up at about 4 am and actually" crack the dawn" in one of the coldest morning and what a better place then the wilderness of Kaziranga- a destination of nature's bounty and oxygen galore. I hope they enjoyed as much as we enjoyed having them over in the N.E.

Tried to do whatever i could to make them feel comfortable starting with rich plum cake for the Christmas season and winding up with home cooked food.

P.S. The children interview was telecasted in the evening news channel on 28th of December 2012. It was Great !!

Nivedita hazarika

Letter to Ms. Alka Varma

Dear Alka Varma

This is to request you to process the withdrawal of my daughter Freya Paliwal Nigam (ID No.11333) who is currently a student of Kindergarten.

Please make it effective from 20th December, 2012 which would be her last day in school.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to state that it has been a wonderful year and half and Freya has enriched from each day of her attendance in school. It's a complete loss for us that we couldn't take this journey forward the way it was intended to.

It is truly a progressive school which is best experienced and no amount of words can explain the exemplary work being done. Being both a staff member and a parent has exposed me to the many dimensions of the school and therefore my heartfelt expression.

May the school achieve one milestone after the other.

Kudos to the team

Best regards

Letter to Anupama

Dear Anupama

Many thanks for your mail. There cant be enough words to express my gratitude to You , SEN department , teachers , Principal , Dr. Naidu , Mrs. Narang and Mr. Jain for all the support for the last 8 years.

Radhika's journey in Pathways started in Grade 4 before we know she will be passing school in the next year and half. Time didnt fly as every day brought a new challenge for Radhika. The skills imparted by Anupama & her team to Radhika to cope with the academic pressures have been of immense help to her. I am sure other schools also have a SEN department but there is no comparison to what Pathways SEN departement offers to its students with special needs. Needless to say that I am a big ambassador to the outside world /to parents who dont even want to acknowledge that their child needs help. A lot of times we parents dont give enough credit to the school and its teachers but the person that Radhika has turned to be is only because of your support and guidance.

Its not just remedial help that SEN team provides to its students at Pathways but the counseling required to bring confidence in the students despite the academic disabilities is no small achievement and requires a lot personal involvement on behalf of the teachers. This is the biggest quality I have seen in Anupama , Linette & her team.

Anupama sure it is a very big & a bold move for both Radhika and You as the association between the two of you goes beyond a Student -teacher relationship & often I have been envious of you as Radhika shares more with you than she does with her own mother. She is still very emotionally dependent on you & I think will continue to seek your approval and help in her independent onward journey. My worst fear is her sitting in the examination room with you not being around. You have been a tremendous moral support to her all these years. Whatever Radhika does in her personal & professional life .....huge credit will go to you. ALWAYS!

I would like to express my gratitude to the school for all its support over the years. I will be very happy to provide any parent testimonial on behalf of the parents of SEN students.

I request the Promoters , Directors of the school to give a lot of time and attention to its SEN department , with the growing awaremenss of special needs , I see a lot of students requiring SEN support.

Keep up the brilliant work !

Best regards
Poonam Bajaj

Letter to Alka and Monisha

It was a pleasure to finally meet you both. Thank you again very much for your time, and your hospitality. The children, Surbhy and I really enjoyed the school visit. We were very encouraged by the positive ambience and sense of pride at the school and would like to reiterate our continued commitment to the school believing it to be the best educational environment we can provide for our children at this stage in their lives.

Our kind and sincere regards,

With kind regards

Thank you O' Teacher

(Straight from a mother's heart)

Today is the perfect day to say
"Thank you teacher"
For all you have done for my child;
I created; you shaped him,
I brought him to this world,
You brought the world to him;
I loved; you nurtured him,
I taught him to open his eyes,
You opened his mind;
I taught him to stand,
You made him balanced;
I taught him to walk,
You showed him to walk the talk;
I taught him to look,
You let him observe;
I taught him to speak,
You let him speak his heart;
I fed him with food,
You gave him food for thought;
I wanted him to study,
You let him 'LEARN';
I told him to learn,
You let him 'THINK';
I gave him life,
But it's you who made him 'LIVE'.

Letter to Ranjana Varshney

Dear Madam,

I fell short of words while compiling a Thank You Note! I am borrowing one which is so apt... I can't thank you enough for what you did for each child, including Anubhav. It was a 'Great Year" because of 'YOU'. Please keep track of the progress of these little ones and keep in touch. I am commited to keeping you informed of how Anubhav progresses. Please keep your 'Rights' intact on him.

A Teacher for All Seasons
A teacher is like Spring,
Who nurtures new green sprouts,
Encourages and leads them,
Whenever they have doubts.
A teacher is like Summer,
Whose sunny temperament
Makes studying a pleasure,
Preventing discontent.
A teacher is like Fall,
With methods crisp and clear,
Lessons of bright colors
And a happy atmosphere.
A teacher is like Winter,
While it's snowing hard outside,
Keeping students comfortable,
As a warm and helpful guide.
Teacher, you do all these things,
With a pleasant attitude;
You're a teacher for all seasons,
And you have my gratitude!

With kind regards
Rajneesh Wadhwa
(Anubhav's Father) Grade- 4

Letter to Nishu Singh

Dear Ms Nishu

Thank you so much for every thing. Malvika had a become a very responsible girl & matured under your guidance.

I am very grateful to you & thank you for yr patience.

Best regards
(Malvika's mother) Grade-2

Letter to Nishu Singh

Dear Nishu Maam,

It has been a fruitful day for Raina , so it seems!! your positive comments and the sticker , '' SUPER JOB '' has made all the difference to this little child ! Thankyou for your gesture, it has made a world of a difference . I always believed in the saying that, '' Correction does much , but encouragement does more - Goethe.

We are handling sensitive minds and hearts and we Teachers mould them with love and appreciation!!
Thank you for being a wonderful teacher to my child

God Bless
(Raina's mother) Grade-2

Letter to Abhimanyu Das Gupta

Dear Abhimanyu,

As the year comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for guiding Vatsalya and equipping him with skills to face the new challenges of written task in English. The strategies suggested by you during our meeting in March, to improve his written task has really helped him to organise his work better. He keeps switching between the two strategies often, but I let him make that choice as long as he is using either of them.

I have to add that my son adores you as a teacher and he says that English is his favourite subject. I do hope you can assign him some task for the vacations to keep up the rigor he has recently gotten into. I will be happy to supervise the task you assign for him.

Thank you once again for being such a fine teacher for my son.

Warm regards,
Neeti Saini
(Vatsalya's mother) Grade-5

Letter to Nalini Vohra

I would like to share some comments Anika has made during the school year.

One day she came back from school and while walking from the bus stop to the apartment she shared how a plant grows. she described all the steps very clearly. it was really nice to know how your teachings are being ingrained in her mind. it was obvious that the UOI you and Ms Aditi were discussing in class has worked wonders.

She continues to love school. Even during the holidays it was hard for her to understand that school is closed. She kept saying, "Nalini maam and Aditi maam are waiting and they are missing me. i want to go to school."

Thank you so much for all you do to help Anika grow up.

I am greatful that you are in her life as a teacher.

Thank you so much
(Anika's mother) Nursery

Letter to Ranjana Varshney

Dear Ranjana Mam,

I wanted to thank you in Chaste Hindi but did not have the requisite software to do so.

However, irrespective of the language and expression involved, I would like to place on record by most sincere commendations for the exemplary effort put in by your goodself which has resulted in marked improvement in the reading, writing and comprehension skills in Hindi amongst the Grade-4 children. Anubhav too has vastly enhanced his abilities in Hindi.

Thank you Mrs. Narang for building a very enterprising Team of Practioners like Ranjana, Chandreyee and all others. May the spirit keep going high and forever.

With kind regards
Rajneesh Wadhwa
(Anubhav's father)

Letter to Sabeena Menon

Dearest Sabeena,

Good morning ! Usually I am so caught up trying to manage the one million chores in my life but now, morally I have to sit down and write this mail to you .

Cannot thank you enough for the unit "Right or Not" which went by on Friday 27th March 2009.Though we had prior information about it and I did not tell Hridae I was so excited and looking forward to his return from school and hear his "heartfelt feelings" !!

So, I very casually asked him "How was your day and why have you come so late?" He summed it to be the" Most exhausting and irritating day of his life at the school !" Whatever they did was not appreciated, they were made to mop the floor and the best was getting just 1 chapati and a small piece of achaar to eat for lunch! The rest of the details which followed were also so amusing.

I cannot thank you enough. As a parent I keep my children aware of our rights and responsibilities, but when the school also involves itself so much in nurturing our children, how can it not give positive results ?It is such a strong message to our children. Hridae is very sensitive about these matters so he did not react in the negative, in fact he was very silent and as though something came over him and he appeared more sober and mature.

As for me, I like to believe that I have a consious and do my bit of good will. But frankly, being so caught up with own work exhaustion or excuses frankly, we do very little. But when I saw the serious face of my little Hridae with a realization on friday evening,I did my bit too on Saturday morning. I have a maid coming to me for the past 6-7 years for body massage. She is a 55-56 year old widow, looks much older as she has no teeth and cannot see properly. Usually if there is a guest at home or someone near by I send her to do a massage for them. But this saturday morning I made a few calls and she got more people to do massage and earn money. She could'nt thank me enough and fell on my feet.

Here I need to mention that all the units of enquiry which have been done by Hridae have had a lasting impression on our whole family. We cannot cheat our little son. I always tell my family and friends about whatever Hridae is doing and also proudly tell them that its not only Hridae but the whole of primary at Pathways. Saving the Planet Earth, Re-cycle and re-use etc are so deeply ingrained in us because of him. Now that Hridae is leaving the primary, I am a bit sad and happy as well. Sad because your glove hands won't be there and happy that my baby is getting bigger. . .I hope all the good work of primary continues in the middle years and link making them good human beings continues.

Its not just Hridae learning, so are we !!

Can't thank you enough !!

Warmest regards
Jyotsna Walia
(Hridae's mother) Grade-5

Letter to Gunjan Tomar

Dear Gunjan,

I can't thank you enough for being there and nurturing Aditya in the last 2 years. He'll surely miss you too, and I as a parent would still look up at you for guidance and support. Thank you so much for being such an outstanding teacher, friend and a guide to Aditya. See you tomorrow.

Thanks and Regards
Pamposh Gulati
(Aditya 's mother) KG

Letter to Gunjan Tomar

Dear Gunjan,

Samar is going to miss you as much. Thanks for all the help and for taking care of him.

Truly appreciate all the support that you have given , and the patience that you have shown with my constant calling you up at various time.

I am going to miss you as well.

Please do stay in touch.

I will meet you tomorrow.

(Samar's Mother) K.G

Letter to Monica Kochar

Dear Monica,

I want to congratulate you on the action you have taken. I feel very proud that today we have teachers like you. You have dealt with the issue in the right way and fairly.

Our ex president Dr. Abdul Kalam has rightly said that there are 3 persons very important in a child's life. The first is the Mother, the Father and The Teacher. His words ring in my ears when I think of you today. I am so happy that my child is lucky to have a teacher like you. I am assured that he is in safe hands.

Today, you have done something which very few teachers would think or do. You are truly a torch bearer and a guiding light. I want to thank you as a parent. I am speechless and groping for words to show how deeply I appreciate all what you have done.

I fervently hope this positive action of yours will also be remembered by other parents like me. Wish you all the best in your future.

Mamta Jain
(Harsh Jain) Grade-6

Letter to Mr. Naidu

Dear Mr. Naidu,

Sub: Mansher Singh, Grade # 8, ID No. # 05 - 337

We just learnt that our son, Mansher had done fairly well as a Main Stream student.

This letter is in tremendous appreciation for the effort taken by your team to get Mansher through SEN stage on to main stream of Pathways School.

Mansher was a difficult student when he joined Pathways, and at the end of his first year Ms. Dimpu Sharma suggested we meet a child specialist who may be able to assess Mansher's problem. Going through with the process we learnt that our son had difficulty in holding his attention for any length of time. Once the problem was identified, it was decided that Mansher should join the
SEN class.

Ms Neha and Ms Anupama took the responsibility to take care of Mansher's problem. My wife Manik and I were in touch with them as well as with Ms Sharma. They inspired tremendous confidence in us, and we were sure that it was just a matter of time before Mansher's problem was addressed. Without their effort I am not quite sure where we would have ended up.

We cannot thank you and your colleagues enough for their commitment to get Mansher back to Main Stream.

Kindly convey our gratitude to your colleagues.

Warm Regards
Rajeshwar Singh / Manik Kaur
(Mansher's Parent) Grade-8

Letter to The Pathwazian Community

Dear Sirs/Mams

From the bottom of my heart I wish to thank you all for the love and care you have shown towards both my daughters: Preksha and Kritika.

I have known you all since the last 4 years, and I know at times I have been a selfish mother, a rude parent, and a critic too. But today, as Kritika is ready to leave, my eyes are brimming with tears, because I know that they will never get an environment like this ever.

On behalf of my children I wish to apologise for their insanities, and I am sure you had many a trying times with them.

Mr. Mangalwadi, I troubled you the most, I apologise.

I do not know if Pathways will miss a golchha, but the golchha family will miss Pathways.

I am always there if you need any assistance from Nepal and if any of you wish to come and stay with us. it will be pleasure indeed.

Thanks once again, and I will keep in touch.

(Preksha and Kritika's mother)

Letter to Ms. Narang & Teachers

Dear Ms Narang & Teachers,

Both my girls have actually been nurtured in the Primary School at Pathways, Pragya who began her formal school years here and Medha who joined Pathways, when she was actually 2 months and 26 days old!

Just a short note, to appreciate the efforts and care which have gone into the academic and co-curricular program of my daughter Pragya Jhingran in Grade 3. She has definitely emerged more confident, responsible and organized through the rigors of this particular year. I am thrilled to see the way, she assists the younger sibling Medha in going about her little affairs.

I cannot help but pass on the compliments which we receive for our children, whenever we are amidst a gathering of friends & families with their children in similar age groups. Be it their sharing attitude, their leadership & confidence or their reservoir of knowledge, they grab attention and we love it.

Our heartfelt thanks are due to Dura, Meenakshi and Smita who have always been there with Pragya in this journey of Grade 3 and the various Units of Enquiry which they have driven through the year. And all the support she has received from the Physical Education Department, especially overcoming the fear of swimming and actually enjoying it thoroughly at the moment, thanks to Mudit, Surendra and Rajeshree. Sunil for constantly pushing and encouraging her to perform and participate. Norbu for creating the joy for dancing in her. Ritika and Donna for helping her appreciate Music even as she enjoys expressing herself freely with her own voice. Shalini for making her adept with her computer skills over the years. Rupa for sustaining and nurturing her interest in Hindi through various creative activities in the class. And Isha for observing that Pragya has shaped into a fine child even as she is mastering new skills in the art class.

Thank you teachers!
Bhagirathy & Ajay Jhingran
(Pragya & Medha's Parent) Grade-3 & Pre-Nursery

Letter to Alka Verma

Dear Alka,

Thank you for supporting us in our development.

I wanted once again to thank you for the quality of the school, you can not imagine how happy the children are in the morning, and how proud they are to have adapted them selves to this new environment. You can count on me for promoting your school.

Warm Regards
C?ile Labarre

Letter to Dr. Jain, Commander Lochan & Mr. Gholap

Dear Dr. Jain, Cdr. Lochan and Mr. Gholap,

Just wanted to touch base and update you all on the health of Aarul.

Well the tests revealed that he was suffering from 'Dengu'. He is on the recovery path and the itching is the sign of the same.

I thank you all for taking good care of him during the initial stages, which as we all know is critical. I feel very happy to see him in safe hands and wish to thank you all once again for the support and care you have taken.

With kind regards
(Aarul Malaviya's Father ) Grade 8

Letter to Sabeena

Hi Sabeena,

It has been a wonderful year for Raina this Term under your care. I thank and appreciate for your wonderful guidance, and patience too. I hope the next Term is an equally encouraging Mentor in the 4th grade, which I am sure will be.

It has often been a desire to relate some of Raina's feed back on the Units covered, perhaps give a more realistic view on some of them. From what my observations and interactions with Raina were in the Units of WATER-WISE and COMMUNICATIONS on Let's Talk were commendable !! There was a complete authority with which she expressed her knowledge on these units with the family members. She went to the extent of putting up posters in the parks and also on the tree trunk just below our house 'to make the downstairs neighbours aware of the use of water !! I was amazed at her conciousness.

Well, on the unit of communications, she would correct me on my ''TONE'' and that I should communicate not in a commanding or 'demanding' tone but speak meaningful sentences! Thankyou for making my daughter a mature girl who is so assertive and knows her do's and dont's.

Last, but not the least, was her full josh and enthusiasm on the day she clad a new blue T-SHIRT for her book Reading, followed by an icecream party !

I felt there was so much she related to me after arriving home and chatted all about it and how much fun they had and what books she read and so on and so forth. What children need is encouragement lined with words of appreciation, and that's what they are made to be, so they are called 'CHILDREN' !

It was truly a pleasure to see her so enlightened and full with life's joys,
Accept my gratitude and appreciation for all that you have turned my Raina into!

Thankyou Sabeena Raina shall be missing you, so will I.

Best Regards

Letter to Mr. Naidu

Hi Mr. Naidu,

My daughter Anushhka Thakur is a student of Class IY and her form Teachers are Ms. Renu and Ms. Shilpa.

With great pleasure, I wish to inform you that my daughter who joined the school in the month of August is showing immense change and improvement in terms of her personality. She used to be an extremely shy kid. Thanks to the school's environment, teaching methods, exposure given to her and last but not the least, absolutely fantastic support given to her by both her form teachers, she is blossoming into a very confident individual. She is very excited to experiment with new ideas and implementing them. She is excelling in her language and IT skills and enjoys other subjects as well. She is very excited to be a part of this school and enjoys and looks forward to the Company of her friends. This is a huge change for her in just a few months .

My sincerest thanks to Ms Renu and Ms. Shilpa for helping her groom into this happy child.

Best Regards
Roohi Thakur

Letter to Alka

Dear Alka

Aparna joins me in wishing you the very best for 2011.
Really appreciate the marvelous engagement and communication through the year Amit

Best Regards
Parent of Damini & Dhruv

Letter to Anupama

A Note of Appreciation for the SEN Department

Dear Anupama,

A call from Radhika an hour back and She was excited about getting the highest marks in the class in English. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pathways World School especially Mrs.Paramjit Narang to accept Radhika as a student five years ago. I am indebted to Anupama and the entire SEN department , including Linette , Anita for supporting Radhika not just by remedial help but more importantly giving her the much needed encouragement at every step of her struggle.

This is great turnaround for a child who was losing confidence because of her learning disabilities. I am not sure if she is there yet but all I would like to say that 'I CAN DO IT' attitude that we see today in her is thanks to the SEN department of the school.

I still come across parents who are finding it very tough to get support in school for special needs and it is quite disheartening to see that there are very few schools who support students with learning disabilities through mainstream.]

I would like to applaud the untiring efforts that Pathways is making towards establishing a strong SEN department across all the three schools.

Anupama – You been the strongest influence on Radhika and what a transformation , from an insecure, introvert child to a very confident, assertive young woman. It wouldn't have been possible without you. It is so good to see her make conversations with my friends and colleagues and engage with them talking about her projects, SAP hours etc. Personally , I would love her to be a volunteer in the primary SEN department to be able to give back to the school in her own way.

No words are enough to express my gratitude to Pathways World School especially Anupama & Linette. You both are the best teachers &God sent Angels for Radhika . May God give you strength to be able to pass so much of love & care to your SPECIAL STUDENTS.

Warm Regards

Letter to Rima and Renu

Hi Rima and Renu,

I am very pleased to inform you that Raghav has been designated as a Brand Ambassador for WWF, as of yesterday.

Triggered by his deep interest in conservation issues that stemmed from his UOI on the same, I had a meeting fixed with the Director of Educational Outreach programme at WWF. Raghav met her and the entire team yesterday, over a 2 hour interaction session.

You will be so pleased to know that in turn, what a smart ambassador of Pathways School Raghav turned out to be! The team was very impressed by his ability to interact independently, hold his own conversations, talk intelligently about Conservation, Global warming issues and dole out his own email id to senior managers. He came back with a handful of posters and goodies from all departments.

As his parents, it is Dr.Subramaniam and my endeavour to keep his interest in this global issue alive and current, at his own pace. I seek the support of the school to take this forward. I am not fully sure yet what his role will be, will keep you informed as and when it pans out.

I wish to put in writing the wonderful role Pathways has played in nurturing Raghav to become such an inquisitive and challenge seeking child. In only 8 months since we returned from Scotland, Raghav has made great strides. I wish to appreciate the un-tiring effort put in by his class teachers Renu, assisted by Shilpa. They are wonderfully patient, with an eye out to always encourage Raghav to reach his potential.

I will be back in touch and hope to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Letter to Rima

Dear Anupama,

Week 1 ends and I am just blown away by the Pathways teachers all over again! The interest they take in each child and the care they give is better than what I as a mother am capable of. Nalini Vohra deserves a medal for handling my son Arunanshu at lunch hour. I am already a die - hard fan of Sona Kamboj so no need to mention her list of medal-deserving acts on this page, this one is exclusively for Nalini.

My husband Aditya and I really like to congratulate you for putting together such a wonderful team. See you on Form Day.

Manavi Ghosh
Mother of Avantika Ghosh (Nursery)
& Arunanshu Ghosh (KG)

Letter to Anupama

Dear Anupama,

I write to congratulate the entire SEN team for taking extra care and supporting Kormi in the past two months.When Kormi called us on friday,he was in a state of euphoria.He was shouting when he told us that he had ped the class in geography scoring a neat 17out of 20.My husband and I had tears in our eyes.Gone was the low confident child who kept doubting his capability.Our child had found the ideal place to grow and develop in all ways- .He could have never made it without your love,support and guidance.We had so much faith in the SEN dept but Kormi was a little hesitant.After being identified as a slow learner and incapable of making it academically in his previous school.he lost his confidence and self esteem.Every night,I would gently keep assuring him to take it easy and not get tensed for his tests.Gradually with your support,he relaxed and performed so well in all his tests.

Today,our son is confident that he will continue to do well not only academically but as a photographer and a soccer player as well.We thank God that we chose PATHWAYS for our son's education and feel so fortunate as we watch him emerge as a confident,earnest child which very few schools today are able deliver.

God bless the entire SEN team as well as the authorities and house parents.

Warmest regards,
Sambha Lamarr

Letter to Diddee

Dear Diddee,

Thank you so much for your kind note setting out Piper's progress. More importantly for us as Piper's parents is to thank the SEN department and the teachers at Pathways for the work and dedication that they have shown in helping Piper to achieve what she has over the past two years. I know that Piper herself is very grateful for the caring and consideration shown by "Miss Aarti" as well as her teachers. For us it is such a pleasure to see her putting all her learning into practice with competent reading, numeracy and IT skills (she's started her own blog, called "Imaginative thoughts of a 10 year old").

Warmest regards,
Jeremy and Melita Yatt

Letter to Nalini Vohra

Dear maam,

I was tied up all with visitors for two days so couldn't write to you earlier.

Thank you for making Monday (Nov 14th - children's day) such a wonderful and fulfilled special day in Kabier's life!

He got off the bus that afternoon and started enacting the dance steps as presented by you and all his other lovely teachers. He must have observed the dance steps and the hand movements and stated 'MY teachers looked so beautiful on the stage!'.

Your dance act, the magic show, Adnan Sami's free-giveaway act and the Rock band were all presented, as though, LIVE at home that evening.

He loved the Rockstar look & the band playing the guitar. He said 'Mom even though Ms. Rima had disguised herself as a rockstar, KG-X was so smart, u know we are so intelligent, that we could recognize her!!'

He slept that night after reflecting on how much his teachers loved him and the effort they had taken to make him and his friends feel special. He said, 'mom, it happens like this, only in Pathways!'

I thank you and the entire team at school for making yet another day, special - at Pathways.

Warmest regards,
Preeti Malik

Letter to Renu Gabra

Dear maam,

While i am writing to you, it gives me immense pleasure, and a feeling of pride and satisfaction that i made the right decision in choosing 'Pathways' as the institite for my son

Over the past few months, we have observed some very peculiar changes in the behavioral pattern of Vikram..... and, trust me all the changes are extremely positive.

From a kid, who used to shy away from even washing his hands, he has matured into a kid, who is so aware about hygiene habits, and so conscious about the kind of food mix he eats.

Coming back from school, or from the park, or even after touching his ball, he wont eat one bite of food, without washing his hands.... This has not only given us a relief in terms of his habit improvement, but has given us an assurance that the levels of his sickness pertaining to his weak stomach will reduce.

We are so happy seeing the kid maturing, and are short of words in expressing our gratitute to you and your colleagues, who have made this possible.

We are totally at peace, as we are sure that Vikram is in just the right hands.

Thanking again for making my son, a better individual.


Letter to Supriya Narula

Hi Supriya,

Want to share with you that Kartik has been teaching English to the guy who works at our place since October and today he started with Hindi as well, whatever bit he knows. It gives me immense satisfaction and pleasure to see him sharing his knowledge with the person who unfortunately hasn't had access to education. I believe that the credit for this goes to you and the other teachers who have taught him, and the values the education system is instilling in him. I just love to see Kartik patiently and enthusiastically explaining things to him, holding his hand and making him write in correct manner.

Lovely! and words are not enough!

By the way, I will not be able to make it to Form Day, neither his Dad , as he has a pre scheduled appointment.

And thanks for the suggestion during the last discussion in the school. He has started sleeping in his room.

Hugs and take care

Prabh :-)

Parent Validation

Dear Dura,

Samara has shown some wonderful understanding and adoption of the pyp profiles and attributes over the past few months. Little gestures like conserving electricity, water have become a routine affair so much so that even parents and grandparents are not spared the oft repeated lecture on not wasting resources.

However what was heartwarming was this little suggestion that came in the december holidays while sorting books for the pathways used book fair. After sorting books, games and stationery, Samara wanted to sort clothes as well. Having done so and landing up with a larger than expected pile, we were mulling what to do. Samara came up with the idea of the "happy school"- a school her sister had visited two years ago and we had discussed at home. Those kids are far more needy she felt. So on lohri day, off we went with our bags full of toys, clothes and books. The overjoyed expressions of the children there will remain forever etched in our minds.

Another small but significant action is to do with cleanliness and order. Samara routinely keeps a well tidied and organized desk. It goes to her credit that she has not lost even a single clip in all these years!! What surprised me was the fact that she on noticing a few wrappers strewn in the lawn at home chose to pick them up rather than call any helper to clear it up. Its one thing to be possessive and careful with ones own's things at this age but to extend that to your home and take responsibility for it, is praiseworthy.

Many such episodes pepper our lives on a daily basis, which we forget to document but, it goes without saying that these children have imbibed and understood the pyp attributes and attitudes really well. They live them!

Kudos to you and her wonderful teachers and mentors before you for bringing out the best in my child and making her such a concerned, caring and responsible do-er.

Warm Rregards,
Kavita Singh

Thank You Teacher

This is to share with all of you our heart felt thanks for being good guides, friends and mentors to our child Rahul, through grade 5 journey. Today, back from school, while removing the headboy badge, he was saying sadly ''Oh today is the last day I could wear this badge. I could see the pain in him being the last day in the primary school and not able to participate in the big day of his primary school life. There is not enough words to express thank you to all especially Seema, Abhimanyu Das and Norbu for all the support and opportunities you have extended to Rahul which helped him to evolve a confident child.

Rima, it’s sad that you are moving out of Pathways but happy to know that you are moving out for a good cause. We thank you for all incredible things you have done for our children all through these years as a great leader, mentor and guide. We all appreciate and are thankful to have had one like you as the principal. Thank you for everything and wish you all the best for the future.

Lekha & Kalesh

Dear Pathways Team

Kudos to you for achieving the Times Excellence Award! I stand proud to be a Pathways parent, as it fully deserves this award. On this occasion I wish to share with you how and why Pathways truly deserves this award. My daughter Aamodini Gupta and I had been trying hard to get Aamodini admitted to Summer School in the US this summer. For this we urgently needed transcripts and teacher/counselor recommendations X 3 copies. I went to the Principal Mrs Ruby Kumar and Counselor Mrs. Neena Virmani and requested them to furnish me with all transcripts (gr 8,9,10) and recommendations. Within a day's time i was given everything i needed, this included even a request going from the Senior school to the Middle School to create a copy of Aamodini's 8th Grade transcripts. Even the teachers Mr. Shantanu Bhowmick, Mr. Shantanu Chakraborty and Mrs. Geeta Verma completed their recommendations within a day's notice despite their hectic schedules. This speaks volumes about Team Pathways. What truly is praiseworthy is the school's student-centric approach. Pathways has actually turned this approach into its philosophy and it has been ingrained in its staff so well that the result is for all of us to see. I have never seen a school which is so fruitfully following the student-centric approach which truly benefits its students and its staff who is carrying this tradition to bring Pathways to where it has reached! Once again, Kudos to Team Pathways!

Aparna Gupta

Letter to Mr. Arvind

Dear Mr.Arvind,

I take this opportunity to extend our hear felt thanks for the interaction we had with all concerned during our visit to the school. The interaction gave us the confidence that Pathways would give them the right kind of development required at this stage of life along with the safety and care required in a boarding school. They have always been self motivated and sincere in all their activities, but now required to branch out of the comfort zone of being in the house. We are sure living in Pathways, Aravali the next 2 years will instill the right kind of self responsibility and independence in them, laying a strong foundation for their future studies.

Under your expert guidance and care of your faculty I am sure your targets will be achieved. The children are most happy and seemed settled in a matter of two days which really warmed our hearts. I am sure they fill find the IB Course challenging and difficult initially, but with the environment in the school conducive to overall personality growth and strong focus in academics they will achieve their best.

As a parent I feel I have made the best choice for the kids and we will be most happy to extend our co-operation and support to make the kids realize their full potential.

Thanking you once again,
Vaishali Dhoot

Letter to Teacher

Dear Sir,

I am father of Subrat Sekhar Rath who completed his IB diploma from Pathways, Aravali in May 2012. Subrat is leaving for USA tomorrow to join the undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering in Valparaiso University, Indiana.

As Subrat had moved into your school after finishing his 10th in CBSE, he had a difficult initial phase in adjusting into the program. But we are pleased with the final outcome of my son. I want to thank all the teachers of the school especially Neena Virmani (College Counselor) and Mr Hemant (School Counselor) for their specific guidance and personal help. I had personally interacted with Neena Madam and she was very helpful to Subrat in applying to the right university where he not only got selected but also got an international scholarship. I must congratulate you in selecting a highly committed team of teachers who go all the way to support the students.

Thanking you,
Dr. Arabinda Kumar Rath
(Father of Subrat Sekhar Rath)

Letter to Dr. Naidu & Ms. Alka

Dear Dr. Naidu & Ms. Alka,

This is to thank you & teachers at Pathways for the encouragement and academic inputs given to Aryaman which helped him do well in IGCSE.

While he got a 'Merit' (and not a 'Distinction') he scored his best ever grades in Maths, English, Physics & Chemistry. Most importantly it has motivated him tremendously going into IB.

I cannot help comparing the approach of his previous school and that of Pathways. In his earlier school we were almost made to feel that there was no place for a sincere trier if he was not an A-star academic achiever. Whereas at Pathways, both his successes and disappointments have been looked at positively by the teachers and it is undoutedly this approach of encouragement which uplifted his morale and got him a good result at IGCSE.

Big thanks to you for actually establishing an Educational Institution (not just an academic institution!) in India!


Krisha's Confession


I am sure you would agree that we just cant forget few events, especially the ones which leave us overwhelmed. One such event happened last evening when Krisha came to me and suddenly told me that she Loves the school very much!

Congratulations and many thanks to team Pathways for making our child's schooling such a wonderful experience.

Best Regards
Mehul Trivedi

Great Hindi Function

Dear Both,

Yesterday my wife and me went to school to attend the Hindi Class function the kids had prepared. Just wanted to share with you how well  everything was organized, how well the kids behaved and how much fun we had seeing our kids so well integrated in your school. Once again we wanted to congratulate you for a great achievement.

Just GREAT!!!
Please share our views with the Hindi teacher.

Best regards


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