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Library & Music

Interact club of Pathways World School has facilitated village schools with a fully equipped Library and Music room; so that the students in villages get the needed exposure. The major plan behind this is to broaden their knowledge spectrum providing them with a “Pathway” to higher level of education.

The Developed music room will help then enhance talents never known before; thus developing new skill and ability.

Blood Donation

Blood Donation Camp: Blood donation is one of the most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society. The body of the donor can regenerate the blood within few days. Every year on UN Day the Interact Club of Pathways organizes Blood Donation Camp in partnership with Rotary Club. This year it will be organized on 18th October, 2016.The students of Pathways are involved in organizing every aspect of the event.

Eye Camp

Eye Camp: Primary eye care (PEC) is a broad concept, encompassing the prevention of potentially blinding eye diseases through primary health care (PHC). PEC includes the identification, with treatment or referral, of individuals with treatable causes of blindness; and the diagnosis and treatment of common eye diseases, particularly those causing an acute red eye.

On 4th May 2016 some pre-term students in partnership with Rotary Eye Care Centre New Delhi organised an Eye Camp at Aklimpur for the adults of the village. The students took charge of various aspects of the planning and execution like taking charge of the registration counters, spreading awareness in the village encouraging people to get their eye tested, helping in setting up of the rooms where the testing was to take place and managing a huge crowd with a smile on their faces. As a follow up of this project there is a plan to collect frames for spectacles and facilitate treatment of some of the problems that were diagnosed.

Computer Lab

Computer Labs : A total of 5 government schools have been given computer labs and over the last two years the desktop computers have been upgraded to Laptops. Besides this, IT teacher have been trained at regular intervals by the IT staff of Pathways World School with the latest methods of delivering the curriculum most effectively. The Interact Club has provided the necessary infrastructure such as inverter-battery system, furniture and other requirement to run the computer lab.

Tree Plantation

Increasing Global Warming is a major environmental issue in today's world. To combat global warming, our Interact Club is moving forward to start with planting approximately 100 trees this year


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