Welcome to Boarding 2.0

A boarding unlike any other.

It is a place where friendships are fostered and where values come to life. A residential school that measures Gross Residence Happiness. Where the air is pure and the food is as wholesome as the one at home. Where the overall development of your child is nurtured. It is a place where the hostels are aptly called Student Residences. This is Boarding 2.0 – spread across a sprawling 34 acres amidst the Aravali Hills, just one hour away from the Delhi airport.

Gross Student Happiness

Borrowed from the country of Bhutan, this is the yardstick by which we at Pathways measure the success of a 21st Century Boarding School. Many things work in tandem around the school to promote happiness. Because happiness, in its truest sense, comes from an enrichment of mind and body, through a comfortable, safe and loving environment.

21st Century Skills

People usually talk about the 4 C’s, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity. We went a step ahead and decided to add one of our own – Compassion. Holistic development is only possible through inputs within and beyond the classroom. From ‘me’ to ‘we’, is a journey every student takes to achieve not just intellectual growth but a nurturing of an all-round personality.

Synergy & Interdependence

Collaboration results in a synergy, where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. Being independent is not the goal, rather a step towards having something to offer in order to get something in return. We provide a platform and the means for children to smoothly make this transition from dependence to interdependence.


The traditional boarding schooling as we know it, is redundant as well as counterproductive today. The children of today need a certain level of comfort and freedom. (What is crucial is that they do not take this for granted). This fosters in them a sense of gratitude for their privilege and a desire to maintain it through achieving success and sharing their good fortune with those who have less.


The courage to speak up and the willingness to listen is key to being a good human. As negotiations become part of our everyday life, the head-start one gets in a boarding school in constructive communication is invaluable. Through this, they learn problem solving and conflict resolution.


Integrity is doing the right thing when no one’s watching. We believe that any form of discipline must come from within. By multi-layered mentoring, children develop their own moral compass, thereby creating a sense of boundary that is crucial in ensuring that they do not lose the sense of themselves and their identity in the process of navigating the globe.


Geography is history! Students need to quickly adapt to new environments and learn how to be comfortable outside comfort zones as boundaries rapidly dissolve around us. Growing up in a multicultural environment provides students with the advantage to look at the world from multiple perspectives.