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March  2010
Camp Tikling

Camps are events which everyone looks forward to: all the fun and games, the tiring yet brilliant activities, different but mind-blowing food and the idea of being with our friends and teachers, but without classes. And the best part for us was that no parent was constantly reminding us to clean up our messy rooms before lunch. We still had to clean up the tents but since we were at camp we had our friends to help us clean the tents and when we were with our friends, time just seemed to fly!

This year, Grade Six went to Camp Tikling for our Annual Camp, 2010. We weren’t very excited at first because this camp was placed at the foothills of the Aravali Hills, and it was too close to school. Also the name gave us pretty bad giggles. We had once had our camps in Grade Four somewhere in the Aravali hills; a place which we thought was pretty boring. Most of us were already of the view that this year’s camp would be as boring as that one. But we were mistaken! Camp Tickling was a beautiful place! The grass was bright green, the two hills to the west looked very protective and the most gorgeous sunrise and sunset could be watched from our campsite every day. All the tents were very spacious. Each tent had 6 children and 1 teacher. The only exception was Kanchan Ma’am’s group; her group had 7 and a half people because her 4 year old daughter, Megha was also in that group. We were at the camp for 3 days and 2 nights.

On the first day, we were assigned to groups and tents. Most of us were happy with our groups, but some weren’t. After the group making, we assembled on the field and were divided into two large groups. The two groups were called Red Indians and Green Gorillas (we didn’t make up the names!). The Red Indians had a large number of people in it. The two groups’ first activity was to come up with a war cry. The Red Indians’ war cry was:

“Odi Odi Oy Oy --Odi Odi Oy Oy—Odeeee- Oyyyyyyyyyy”

The Green Gorillas’ war cry was:


Both the teams had to compete against each other in various things. For instance, discipline, participation in activities and games were all considered a part of the competition. The final match of games was to be held on the last day.

The next two days were days full of sunshine, activities and fun. We went trekking through the darkest jungles, and we learnt how to juggle. The instructors gave us a short course on safety equipment and how to use it. Then we went rock climbing, rappelling, wall climbing, jumaring, zorbing, hiking, zipping, through various obstacle courses and lots of inter-team competitions.

All these activities were spread over three days. We had some free time as well, during which we usually played with our friends, took little naps or just sat around and talk. Some of us would feed a poor, wounded puppy that we had found at the entrance to the camp. He was a stray and some other bigger animal had hurt him badly and he was in a terrible state. He was shivering because due to the cold and was in a very bad state. Some of us would leave food and milk for the pup. We had named him Spots as his coat was white with black spots. Other than Spots, there were beautiful horses galloping in a rich, green meadow, as well as some donkeys, two kingfishers, a peacock and an unknown but peculiar bird. We saw all these animals when we went trekking or hiking. These were long walks but the good meals always made up for the sore feet. The food was very tasty. There was both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

On the last day we had inter-team games. There were a lot of games played and the Red Indians won them, while the Green Gorillas were second. But there is always a winner and a loser in a game and we all took it in that spirit and all of us got chocolates at the end; we went home completely happy and filled with lots of stories to tell and lots of pictures to share with our parents.

Pancham Yadav
Student, Grade 6

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