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Day of Sharing

Pathways School, Noida celebrates the spirit of working together every year with a day dedicated to their Support staff members. They are the people who always serve the school with a smile and patient perseverance. It was a joyful day when the staff and students of Pathways Noida gathered to witness the pool of talent on display at the performance ceremony by the Support Staff of the school. Clad in colourful vibrant dresses, the hugely talented team showed off their moves to set pieces from folklore and brought the house down with their entertaining performances. This was followed by a sumptuous langar served to all by our Senior School students. Humility and Unity best demonstrated at Pathways!

Match with Salam Balak Trust

The Match with Salaam Baalak Trust by Samarth Khanna Gr 6 B

We had a friendly football match with the football team of Salaam Baalak trust against our school the 6th graders. The match was organized by the community service club of the middle school. I was really excited and looking forward to that glorious match. This was my first football match in Pathways, so it was a pretty precious match for me. I could see my studs shining because of the bright sun. We had a lot of substitutions in case anybody got hurt or was not playing well. As soon as the match started I was biting my nails and had Goosebumps. No sooner the match started I was substituted. I could hear my heartbeat and could feel the crowd and my fellow friends cheering me that really boosted my confidence. As soon as the first goal was struck the team was very nervous that what was going to happen. The guests from Salaam Baalak Trust was playing extremely well with all skills in place and accurate passes. Unfortunately we lost 3-0 but we learnt a lot of new things.

Although, I felt that it was a one sided game because the people were older than us, but then I thought they do not have the facilities we do. So, it was nice sharing what we have and learning the skills from them .The surprising thing was that all of them were in 6th grade because in the trust children are put in to classes according to their knowledge and understanding. After that we showed sportsmanship by congratulating them. We also clicked pictures afterwards. It was a great experience; I am looking forward to another match

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