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Why a Mascot?

As the Pathways group turned 15 in the year 2018, we felt the urge to build a tangible persona for the Pathways community, somebody who embodies the values of a true Pathwaysian. It was time to have our own mascot, built and brought to life by our very own Pathwaysians.

The Making of the Mascot

We rolled up our sleeves and threw the dice at our ever-growing Pathways community, why not open the challenge to them? And guess what, we received ideas and illustrations not only from our students, faculty, and alumni but even our parents! After receiving an overwhelming number of responses, we just couldn’t narrow down to one. So, we mixed and matched, churned and spun and thus came out the PATHWAYS PANTHERS!

Why Panthers?

Pathways Panthers stand for confident, strong sighted and fearless explorers, synonymous with Pathwaysians. Dressed in the formal school uniform, the colour blue unites the Pathwaysian spirit. Coincidentally, it is also an alliteration of Pathways.

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Pathways Early Years, a part of the Pathways Group of Schools are consistently ranked amongst the top ten Pre Schools in Delhi NCR. There are two branches centrally located in Greater Kailash, New Delhi and Golf Course Road, Gurgaon.