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Mr. Pramod K Jain

Mr. Pramod K Jain was born in a traditional merchant family of Old Delhi on 30th November 1942. His upbringing in the walled city that made him witness to the richness of culture, heritage, art, poetry, and statesmanship of those glorious times greatly influenced his personality and choices. A dreamer and visionary from the beginning, during the years of his formal education he often found himself suffocated within the rigid boundaries of the educational framework.

He started his career on a very humble note. As a businessman believing firmly that the 'Core Competence' is not the business one does but the vision, spirit, foresight and risk appetite one carries to create an enterprise led him to venture into some radically different businesses. The out-of-the-box thinking approach led him to create benchmarks in all the fields he got involved in.

Career Path
1960 - 1986 Electrical Goods Assembling, Trading and Retailing Ran distributorship for Philips India, Crompton Greaves etc by the name of 'Prem Radio and Electric Mart' at Bhagirath Place, Chandni, Chowk, Delhi. Often clocked the top turnover among distributors for Philips in India.
1973 - 1986 In 1973, ventured into designing, fabrication, and sales of fancy lights such as chandeliers, etc. by the name of 'Mayur Lights'. Launched the first air-condition well appointed retail showroom at Bhagirath Place, Chandni Chowk, Delhi, then Asia's biggest electrical goods market. In 1977, fabricated the biggest chandelier made in Asia till then. It is displayed at Hotel Mughal Sheraton, Agra.
1984 - Current Diversified into stone business in the city of Udaipur by the name of 'Sarla Marbles (P) Ltd'. Introduced modern scientific techniques and expertise in the production of marble and stone products for the first time in India. Set up a state of the art production facility with a fleet of Italian machines. Over the years did backward and forward integration. Acquired captive quarries for 'Green' marble, expanded production facility at multiple times.
2001 - Current Diversified expansion into Education.

A very humble man who can barely sit idle, his deep commitment and involvement with the community at all levels is a great source of inspiration to all of us. His vision only broadens after achieving success for he firmly believes that success has no limits. And this journey continues...

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