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PSG’s visit to Earth Saviours Foundation in Bandhwari village
Pathways Gurgaon

In the past year, Pathways School Gurgoan students have been visiting the Earth Saviours Foundation located in Bandhwari village to interact with inmates who reside there for various reasons. Some inmates are psychologically imbalanced, some physically challenged, some have lost their husbands, but the common thread that runs through their lives sadly, is that their families wish to have nothing more to do with them.

The students and staff of the senior school visited them on 16 December and served over 375 residents a hot breakfast to warm their day. To add cheer in this festive season, we also gave them a small bag containing 2 apples, 2 oranges/guavas, a packet of chips, a bar of chocolate, a packet of biscuits, a handful of dry fruits and a tetra pack of juice. The experience was overwhelming and left an impact on each one of us. We left promising to return on a regular basis with plans for long term support.


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