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kindergarten trip to the Botanical Gardens
Pathways Noida

What better way to conclude the kindergarten inquiry into plants than a visit to the Botanical Gardens, Noida. Our trip on the 19th Dec. 2016 was a culmination to our inquiry into the role of plants in our lives and how they sustain life on Earth. The 20 minutes’ drive to the gardens was filled with animated chatter and eager enthusiasm from the children. Having delved into how plants contribute to life on Earth, the children were excited to see a variety of plants and know about them in some detail. We saw plants with medicinal properties, plants with the brightest of blooms, plants gifted by dignitaries from different countries, plants as old as the age of dinosaurs, plants with leaves that could support four of our kindergartners on them…. each different and each with a characteristic completely unique to itself. We saw the map of India made with different plants, each representing the state they belong to. We even saw the elusive ‘Kalpavriksh’ or ‘wishing tree’ and made our secret wishes. The trip was a learning experience like no other and one that our kindergartners will remember for a long time.


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