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Seeing is Believing
Pathways Noida

“It’s better to see something than to hear about it a thousand times.” On 7th March, the students of Nursery went on a field trip to the zoo because we are inquiring about different kinds of animals. We began by reading a book called ‘Trip To The Zoo’ to know more about the do’s and the don’ts at the zoo. It was a pleasant Tuesday and the children went for a fun ride in the electric car along with their friends. They were seen talking about various animals and their sounds. They laughed, giggled and called them funny names like “that’s a mummy monkey and that’s a daddy monkey”. Children were excited to see the white tiger, Crocodiles, deer, gorals, leopard, monkeys and birds. Our children were introduced to words and ideas like wild life reserve, aquarium, petting zoo, habitat and extinction. The next day we drew a reflection on our trip. The drawings depicted some remarkable learning. Learning about their favorite animals, the environment they live in and how can we look after them.


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