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Skill Building Initiative with Baliawas School students
Pathways Gurgaon

Pathways School Gurgaon is a place where every child gets an opportunity to develop his or her own character. Students continuously develops new skills and Service learning team also takes the responsibility of taking it forward to the community. On Thursday, 2nd March 2017 Pathways Middle School students conducted the Skill Building session with Baliawas Government School students. This time Baliawas students were taught to make their own organic Holi colours. Students were made aware of the harmful chemicals used in making artificial Holi colours and the importance of using organic colours. Preparation of organic colours using corn flour, food colour, Turmeric, dried flower petals and water were shared by our school students. Baliawas school students started with mixing corn flour in water in big containers. Later students from both the schools added different ingredients to it. In no time colored paste of beautiful shades of green, blue, pink and orange were ready. They were later left to dry. Once dried service team students have finely powdered the dry paste. Students of both the schools have together made paper bags with the aim of packing the colours in them. This activity filled the atmosphere with fun.

This event not only focused on developing the new skill in the less privilege students building awareness of importance of organic safe colours gulal for holi and also raise money for the community. Organic colours made together were sold on Friday, 3rd March 2017 to parent community during Music and Dance evening of grade 6 to 8. Parent’s whole heartily appreciated the efforts of students of both the schools and supported the service team in their noble endeavor by buying the organic colour. Skill building session followed by fund raising event for the underprivileged clearly demonstrates the ability of Pathwasians to empower other and their constant endeavor to makes society a better place for everyone.

Sukkriti Nath, Member Service team, Middle School


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