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Broken Fairytales
Pathways Noida

The theme for our Rhyme Time Day gave children – from pre-nursery to grade 1 - the perfect opportunity to explore the world of fairy tales. Through short snippets of nine stories, they explored what a fairy tale is, how they evolve, the varying emotions in each story, the variety of ways they can be presented and even how they can be retold with a twist.

From songs, to dances, drama and simple retelling, this Rhyme Time Day gave our little ones a chance to discover stage fright and over come it too – and so many self-confident kids one has rarely seen. Each looked the part too in their numerous wonderful costumes.

Rehearsing and working together they also discovered the importance of being a team and later, sharing the names of their favourite fairy tales with each other to write their own short stories, they further added grist to their creative mill.


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