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ANUGOONJ - Make echoes and Observe resonance
Pathways Aravali

On Friday, 24th March Middle School chose to use the spaces between its twin buildings – Aryabhata and Bhaskara – for an odyssey of scientific enquiry. The buzz echoed in the entire School, as curiosity spread its wings. Young sparkling minds and the to be Einstein’s were ready to showcase their knowledge to the world.

With all the fervour, we began the event with an assembly, to honour our esteemed Guest of Honour, Mr. A.K. Bhatnagar.

Mr. A.K. Bhatnagar is a retired Director General of India Meteorological Department (IMD). Mr. Bhatnagar was a very important part of IMD and has made many contributions in the world of sciences. We were very fortunate to have got a chance to draw inspiration from his stirring words. The event commenced with the ceremony of lighting of the lamp using a Magnesium ribbon! Many who watched this moment, were amazed to see such a different start to the event. The Guest of Honour and other dignitaries were told to put on their lab coats and safety glasses….but the strong winds made us switch the experiment to the more stable paraffin lamp instead of the fiery Magnesium strips!!! Science…is an ongoing experiment!!!

As the Chief Guest declared the exhibition open, the students unleashed their creativity and enthusiasm. Every student had put in immense efforts and all of them were eagerly ready with their gadgets at their stations. Some of these gadgets were a part of the current unit in Grade 7, where the students had learnt the concept of Simple Machines.

The outdoors was decked up with all the Grade 7 Projects and thought-provoking science games! It was a platform for the young inventors to display their products like mobile dustbin, convertible chair, self-sustaining irrigation system for their pots and many more!

On both days, the students passionately presented their products at their work stations, displaying their inventiveness. All the members of the Pathways community and many guests gathered, came to watch experiments of simple machines from pulleys to cranes, from carts to clothes dryer and many more.

“Anugoonj” gave wings to the opinions and inquisitiveness of our young scientists to take a flight of their curiosity.

Young scientists from Grades 6, 8 & 9 also shared their self-driven research and experiments from varied areas such as DNA extraction of fruits, Electromagnetism, Elephant toothpaste, Alzheimer’s project, Dry ice volcano, rock candy etc. There were also some live stations, where spectators could try out the experiments themselves.

It was indeed a great day which gave us many more reasons to start diving deep into the world of science and explore new horizons.

Text by Noor Kundu (Grade 8)
Photographs by- Chehak Sehdev, Hunny Mathur and Science Teachers
Edited By- Sabeena Menon


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