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Art My Route To ‘India Hybrid Week’
Pathways Noida

The CNBC TV campaign “India Hybrid Week” had us first be a part of a competition, writing an essay or painting in our schools. The topic and theme was ‘Hybrid Mind-set’ and its impacts on the environment and the planet as a whole. One student from each competition was selected to attend a panel discussion with CNBC TV-18 in Film City, Noida.

I focused my painting on humans and how essential it is to connect to nature using various vibrant colours. I chose to paint an abstract painting since it’s more demanding, making the audience think and figure out their interpretations rather than being presented with one on a silver platter. Also abstracts being open to so many interpretations means people get to learn many new things.

To my utter surprise, my painting was selected! It was only after an interview and a little photoshoot with CNBC that I realized that my painting was actually selected among all the other wonderful paintings. In the essay category, Dev Verma, also from Grade 9 was selected from our school for displaying his knowledge and coming up with some novel solutions to environmental problems.

This meant that we got to attend and participate in the CNBC panel discussion in Noida. On 22nd March, 2017, we joined the event and it’s safe to say that it was a memorable experience for us. Not only, did we get to meet the famous former Indian cricketer, Mr. Anil Kumble but also many other honourable guests, like Mr. Kamil Meattle. This first-hand knowledge from these special guests was invaluable. We also learnt how a live TV studio works: how they take a break, how the hosts are clever enough to choose the audience from which they’ll ask questions.

Moreover, I got a chance to talk to Mr. Meattle after the panel discussion, which I think, for me, was the highlight. Since his words and experiences of nature resonated with mine, I discussed with him how important it is to be able to empathise and appreciate what nature has to give. I also discussed my painting with him, which he was greatly impressed by. I felt confident and happy to be able to put myself out there and share my thoughts on a global issue via my art and being appreciated for it. And let’s not forget the autograph of Mr. Anil Kumble I got on my painting!!

All in all it was an enriching experience for me and I look forward to many other occasions like these in the future.

Nehal Agarwal, 9A


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