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Budding Architects Go to Kiran Nadar Museum of Arts
Pathways Noida

The trip to the Kiran Nadar Museum of Arts, gave our children insights not only into the structures of modern Delhi but also an understanding of how architects are inspired by the past. Structures and their foundations from eras gone by help architects create something at once modern yet representing continuity through the ages. For instance on seeing the model of the ‘Hall of Nations’ designed by Raj Grewal, the children were able to understand various common design themes between it and the Truss bridge that made the structures more stable.

They were also very excited when asked to create their own structures using paper and corrugated sheets. Much thought and reflection went into how they might keep their structures firm with paper pillars and other embellishments. Twin Towers, a basket building, suspension bridge and even a working model of a park were some things produced by our budding architects! And of course most important, they took back with them fond memories of being hands-on architects-cum-engineers for an afternoon.


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