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Mayo College Girls’ School MUN 2017
Pathways Aravali

From 26th to 29th of April, the Mayo College Girls’ School hosted their Annual MUN in the searing Ajmer summer. A delegation of 11 students from Grades 8, 9 and 11, represented PWS, Aravali at the MUN. Through the course of the 4-day Conference, the delegates acquired the acute skills of taking on leadership roles and being effectual communicators while simultaneously managing to successfully juggle a vast variety of responsibilities.

The remarkably well-maintained, colossal campus served as an exemplary setting for all the new learning that took place. We enjoyed every moment spent interacting with students from across the country, and particularly appreciated the insight and perspectives gained through these new friendships.

The first day focused intently on introductions. We met the delegates in our respective Committees for the first time and took part in an enlightening Orientation Session. This was followed by the formal Opening Ceremony showcasing mesmerizing dance performances, a phenomenally organized school orchestra and powerful speeches. We went to bed exhausted but satiated with all that we had accomplished during the day.

On the second day, after four incessantly tedious Committee sessions and heated debates, the delegates were taken for dinner to the Pushkar Fort. After another four equally demanding Committee sessions, each Committee headed off to their wards on the third day of the MUN to come up with satisfying resolutions for their respective agendas. This night was especially enjoyable as all the schools took part in the Cultural Evening, an event where all the delegations from different schools performed dances and musical recitals. It was followed by a scrumptious outdoor dinner and the enjoyable Delegates Dance.

The fourth and final day stirred up mixed feelings for us all. Everyone was disappointed about leaving, but eventually the need to be reunited with our families took over, exciting everyone just in time for the Closing Ceremony. It was incredibly well orchestrated by the Secretariat, and we are immeasurably grateful for that afternoon. Later, everyone gathered together for one last time at a final session with their Committees, as well as their Chairpersons to share their experience and say tearful ‘goodbyes’. Most schools left directly from the Conference and went back to their respective schools however, the PWS delegation stayed the night to take a tour of the wondrous city. We occupied ourselves through the day by visiting the local Pushkar Market along with a temple situated in front of a holy lake. The highlight of our day though, was when we were taken to a specific vantage point that provided us with a glorious panorama of the exquisite city.

Harmanpreet Bagga of Grade 9 got a special mention in his Committee. Samanata Pradhan and Anushka Barthwal, got an insight into the proceedings of each Committee, as they were part a of the IPC (International Press Corps). A write up by the members of the Pathways delegation was also published in the MCGS MUN magazine.

Our delegates came back more confident, aware of all the nuances of an MUN and rearing to participate in more!

Text: Anushka Barthwal (Grade 9)
Editing: Ms. Rebecca Sarah John


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