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MYP Result
Pathways Gurgaon

Pathways School Gurgaon, became an accredited IB MYP school in January, 2015 and our first batch of 2017 gave their e-assessments in May 2017. The last two years have been exciting for both the teachers and the students as they adapted to new methodologies, grappled with global contexts and understood command terms and criteria based assessments.

Our supportive parents have stood like a rock besides us. They attended all the sessions held in school to understand MYP and supported their children in this Inquiry and skill based program. My gratitude for all your support.

It gives me great pleasure to share the commendable results of our first batch of MYP Graduates.

Some of the Highlights are as follows:

Out of 51 students who were registered for the MYP Exam, 49 were awarded complete Certification and 2 were given Course results

Out of 49 students 9 scored above 50 and 19 between 40 and 49.
Our laureates who scored above 50 out of a maximum score of 56 points are as below:

  • Vishwakrit Choradia 55
  • Zorawar Singh Ghumman 53
  • Avi Malhotra 53
  • Manav Aggarwal 51
  • Vyoam Ashok 51
  • Aakriti Tewari 50
  • Abhimanyu Dev Singh 50
  • Jei Shrinivas Sridhar 50

Please find below an analysis of the scores achieved by our students.


ABOVE - 50 18%
ABOVE - 45 29%
ABOVE - 40 55%
ABOVE - 35 71%
ABOVE - 28 96%

I am sure that you join us in congratulating our students who have worked hard and proved to be true champions !



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