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The Heritage School Debate, 2017
Pathways Gurgaon

On the 19th of August, three students from Pathways Gurgaon competed in the Heritage Inter-School Debate 2017. As a reformed British Parliamentary debate format, each speaker had separate roles on the basis of a motion. For Team Pathways, Akriti Tewari from Grade 11 was the Leader, and Diya Sood and Aishwari Krishna from Middle School were the Deputy and Whips respectively.

The first round of the debate was between the teams of Suncity World School and Pathways School Gurgaon, with the motion being, &lsquothis house believes that the government should negotiate with terrorists when hostages are taken by terrorists&rsquo.

Even with only one hour to prepare, the Pathways Team managed to find strong arguments and definitions, and won the initial round, therefore qualifying for the semi-finals held on Monday, August 21st. However, in the second round wherein they debated against Heritage School Rohini, on the topic of &lsquolegal enforcement of population control&rsquo Heritage took the lead, qualifying for the final round.

Although Pathways did not qualify for finals, the team got the unique opportunity to learn from other debaters and judges. Their research skills were developed, composure was held, and in the end, it was a truly educational experience.

Aishwari Krishna 9D
Sukkriti Nath, Co-Editor



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