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Stereotypes - Inquiry through Grade 8 Assembly
Pathways Gurgaon

Stereotypes - Inquiry through Grade 8 Assembly
They make a generalized declaration off of the one that they tasted. But, what about the rest of your vast ocean?
The rest of your ocean is hidden behind that solitary representative &ndash that one all left undiscovered.
And perhaps in the eyes of the rest of the world, that&rsquos all you&rsquoll ever be. One single .
Shivi Anand (8A)

Have you ever been labeled?
Have you ever been stereotyped?

These were just some of the questions that would form a premise for deeper inquiry and research for Grade 8 A students. Unanimously supported, it became the subject of the first Assembly of Grade 8.

Students began assembling and settling down in the MPH, oblivious of the assembly that was coming their way. A short meditation session where students focused on a medley of sounds, followed into the long-awaited assembly directed by the students of 8A.

Chatter turned to a hush as the performers took the stage. The assembly worked around an overlooked theme, &lsquoStereotyping&rsquo. The theatrical depiction of stereotypes in 3 short acts focused on biased judgements made on a person&rsquos physical appearance, along with cultural biases and gender based stereotypes. Performances were short and touching and struck a chord with those present. The Acts ended with a plea for accepting differences and respecting individual choices.

The open mic segment of the assembly conducted by Ms. Shweta gave the audience an opportunity to share their personal experience with labelling. It was comforting for everyone to share their interactions and opinions. Needless to say, that everyone left the room on a note of excitement in having contributed in some way to the collective understanding of Stereotypes.

Grade 8 left the hall with a fresh mindset towards everyone around. The motive of the assembly was on everyone&rsquos mind- &ldquoIn the end, we&rsquore all just human.&rdquo

Anushka Thakur
Grade 8 E



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