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Grade 5 Field trip to the National Museum
Pathways Noida

Field trips are a first-hand learning experience to begin, start or end a unit. The Grade 5s went on a field trip to the &ldquoNational Museum&rdquo, New Delhi on the 29th August, 2017 to deepen and expand their learning outside the classroom environment. An inquiry into ancient civilizations led the students to visit a museum so that they could understand and appreciate the role of evidence in telling us about our past. The visit was a rich learning experience as it was a walk through the past with artefacts from the Harappan period. The Arms and ammunition hall, the numismatics hall, the textile, sculptures, paintings sections were some of the areas we visited. Each one offered an aesthetic and artistic essence that took us up the learning ladder. The collection of artefacts covered a wide range of objects like utilitarian, ritualistic, secular and decorative items. The learners observed the artefacts and made connections to the modern times. It was indeed a highly beneficial trip for the learners to discover every epoch of man&rsquos growth along time. The entire visit was lead by the Yuva Saathi volunteers to engage the students&rsquo young mind in a dialogue with the objects of National Museum.

Overall it was an engaging, involving and a memorable trip.



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