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Pathways Gurgaon

At the heart of every tradition is the belief that the learning from the experience will endure. With this belief, like every year, we celebrated the marking of the school’s Raising Day with the much looked forward to Pangat. October18, 2010 has a special importance, as it the day that the doors of Pathways School Gurgaon opened. To express the bond cherished by the school community including the students, teachers, management and the support staff, this day is commemorated with Pangat.

Pangat is a word derived from the Sanskrit word ‘pankti’ that means a row, or a group. At a pangat, food is served by volunteers to members of the community who sit together to eat as one family. Each year Senior School students, serve food to all the members of the Pathways community with an aim of keeping the spirit of service and oneness alive. This year, we were fortunate to have members of the Parent Pathways Partnership and the Executive Committee of the school with us.

The Diploma Program students wore traditional Indian clothes, in vibrant and rich colours and welcomed the pangat with a Tilak to mark the auspicious occasion. A [prayer of thanksgiving following this, and soon students began serving food to the school community seated on the floor with a smile and a sense of pride. The infectious atmosphere brought out the love for the entire community and a sense of satisfaction in serving each other. In a world defined and limited by the confines of family name, profession, age, gender, and other such factors, the initiative struck a chord with every person present and was appreciated by one and all. One could see the complete dedication to the event, the enjoying of its simplicity and could admire the way in which this event brings together the numerous unsung heroes of the school. The beauty of this event is that while we enjoy the delicious food, it gives us the opportunity to celebrate diversity and equality, it encapsulates the spirit of Pathways.

Aakriti A. Tewari



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