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MUN @ Scindia Kanya Vidyalya in Gwalior
Pathways Aravali

On Saturday, 28th October 2017, 9 students of Grade 9 and 10 along with their teacher escort, Ms. Akanksha Lohia set out to participate in the Annual MUN held at the Scindia Kanya Vidyalya in Gwalior. Filled with zeal and vigour, the delegates were determined to make this three-day event memorable.

On Day 1, the students attended the Opening Ceremony which featured dancers from seven different countries introducing the students to fascinating art forms. The ceremony celebrated the true spirit of the United Nations- of embracing differences and working together. Following the brilliant inauguration, the delegates joined their respective Committees and the sessions began. Lively debate and healthy competition ensued as the delegates found different and innovative ways of addressing important real-world issues. They were then addressed by a victim of a terrible injustice, Mohammad Aamir Khan, the Keynote Speaker who was imprisoned for 14 years for a crime he did not commit. The intense detailing of his fight for justice is a telling example of the implications of intolerance.

The delegates further proceeded to engage in the Community Service project – Sankalp. The project involved delegates making their own sanitary napkins which would be distributed in villages. This was done to challenge the taboo around women’s sanitation and make the villagers and other people aware of the importance of hygiene in general and how every effort should be made to keep the surroundings clean and garbage free.

On Day 2, the delegates began to reflect on how issues could be resolved with minimal chances of failure, for their working papers. The school had organized a lively karaoke event in the evening during which students from various schools showcased their talent.

On Day 3, working papers were presented and debated upon with full vigour. The energy levels were at an unsurpassed high. Resolutions were drafted, and votes were placed. And before we knew it, the Closing Ceremony began. Pathways World School is ever so proud to have received four awards:
Lavanya Guha &ndash First High Commendation
Adaa Gupta &ndash Second High Commendation
Aranyani Swami &ndash First Special Mention
Vedika Mandapati &ndash Third Special Mention

The students left feeling invigorated in an environment conducive to learning and satisfied about the time well spent.

Text by: Aranyani Swami (Grade 9)
Edited by: Ms. Payal Saigal, Ms. Rebecca Sarah John
Photographs: Payas Mann (Grade 9) and Ms. Akanksha Lohia



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