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Halloween Special at PSG Library
Pathways Gurgaon

We at Pathways believe and try to embrace the festivals around the world and celebrate in our own unique way. People around the world celebrate Halloween to respect the people who are no more with them. With the passage of time and more people making this day as a part of their culture 'The Hallow Even' which means 'Holy evening' became 'Halloween'. The essence of Halloween was taken tour children in the form of a story with many of them dressed as witches and Ghosts. In the library, the story teller celebrated Halloween in a Shakespearean style. The witch cast the spell “Double trouble toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble” which is a poem from the famous play Macbeth'.

Our Pre-nursery and Nursery, children came under the spell of the witch and danced to the tunes of 'Room on the broom'. They watched the witch making soup with all the creepy and slimy reptiles.

From Kindergarten to Grade 2, children were waiting for the magical bubbles to come out of the cauldron. They played with the snakes and bats learned the 4 lines of the famous poem 'Double trouble' from Macbeth.

From Grade 3 to Grade 5, children rekindled the magic of stories by listening/discussing facts and myths around Halloween. They also dressed up as various spooky characters and searched ghostly stories in the library.



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