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The Eminence Of Fulfilling Service
Pathways Aravali

The journey that served as an elaborate cornerstone to enriching engagement in community service commenced in the early hours of the 30th October 2017 as the delegation for the Round Square Service project keenly embarked to Gujarat for the Round Square Service Project Conference. The delegation consisted of six eager Grade 11 students who were accompanied by Mr. Ashwani Parmar to (INTRODUCE RAJKUMAR COLLEGE RAJKOT)

The group was warmly welcomed by the host school and its breath-taking, opulent architecture that dated back to the 19th Century. Following a brief orientation session, the day was spent interacting with the students and teachers from the host school as well as other schools from all parts of the country by a facilitated tour of the enthralling campus. Students were shortly introduced to the ‘service’ part of the conference with an insight into the unfolding of events over the upcoming three days. Thereafter, students were sorted into 3 separate groups and ardently engaged in preparations for skits to be unveiled in a ‘cultural event’ that would observe a cohesion of a vibrant array of diverse and rich cultural demonstrations across the spectrum of delegates.

The following 3 days were invested into demanding yet gratuitous hours of service at the Khakhana village located approximately 30 kilometres North-east of Rajkot. Students participated in a plethora of different activities such as stage construction, wall painting and toilet construction whilst working with in collaboration with the domestic labour and staff from the host school. It was fascinating to note the level of coordination and professionalism exhibited by the students as they worked in chains and groups passing material around the site.

On the evening of service Day 2, Rajkumar College hosted the “Principal’s dinner” which was a rare event witnessed by the host school every four years to welcome the new principal. Students and faculty escorts indulged in scrumptious Gujarati and North-western cuisine whilst socialising with their peers to wrap-up a hard day’s work.

The conference was concluded by the heavily awaited skit performances that truly portrayed a dynamic amalgamation of cultural diversity, with the simultaneous conveying of key messages pertaining to pressing issues concerning both the local and global community. The 3 groups produced exceptional artistic pieces that invoked a commendable performance calibre and -writing abilities. The principal then acknowledged all schools who participated in the conference in an address with the distribution certificates and photographs that served as mementos for the cherished moments created over the course of the conference.

Students were additionally provided with a scintillating opportunity to reflect back on their time spent at Rajkot with a short film that showcased the best moments of the conference followed by a movie titled “King Arthur.

Alas, the day of departure drew to an inevitable near and the delegates reluctantly bid farewell, proceeding to the bus journey back to the city. Whilst a solemn occasion, an inspiring sense of merit and fulfilment was instilled within them, with the settling realisation that genuine efforts had been channelled towards the goal of sustainably leaving a resonating impact and making a difference.

Text : Ishaan Gupta and Ashutosh Walia
Editing : Tejashwini Prashar



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