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Group 4's Panel Discussion on Decision Making Process
Pathways Noida

As a part of the current unit of inquiry on how governing systems and decision-making process impact the lives of citizens, Grade 4 students arranged a Panel Discussion with the Dr. Advani, Mrs. Singhal and Mr. Henderson to inquire into the process of “Decision Making” on December 5, 2017 at school level. The interviewers were ed democratically from each section of Grade 4 and they interviewed the panel. This was an exciting engagement as the students extracted a lot of information about why and how a decision is taken at school level and who are the people involved while taking it.

Dr. Advani also asked the children as to what would they want to do to empower their own learning and this was followed by a lot of suggestions from the children. It was a delightful experience for the children as it helped them to clearly understand how the process of decision making works.



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