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Me and my world- Tifli theatre festival
Pathways Noida

Theatre plays are designed to stimulate curiosity while enriching and reinforcing educational experiences. On Thursday the 7th of December, our Nursery students went on a much- awaited trip to Bal Bhawan in Delhi to be a part of TIFLI 2017, a celebration of childhood through theatre. It featured performances by French and local theatre groups/companies from five countries - Argentina, France, India, South Korea and USA.

Our little ones were extremely excited about riding the bus with their friends. They were particular about putting their seat belts on, while the bus was on the move. Fortunately, it was a lovely, warm and a sunny day. It was great to see children engaging with this opportunity to see and learn about things around them. At Bal Bhawan, our children watched a play which was designed specifically for children between 2.5-5 years. The play was called 'Me and My World'. It portrayed the importance of spending time with a child and how each child is immensely creative. The play revolved around a daughter and her father who tidy up a messy room and create something beautiful using their creativity. Live theatre promotes positive gains like understanding emotions, knowledge, tolerance and appreciation. A story can be conveyed in a movie however, it doesn't engage the viewer in the same way. Our little ones were mesmerized by the story as the characters came alive through theatre and thoroughly enjoyed the play. Since we have been back from our field trip, our little ones have been experimenting with material around the classroom. We see little books turning into staircases for train stations, newspaper rivers, and paper cup towers. It is wonderful to see such a beautiful transformation of play through drama.



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