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Middle School Investiture Ceremony : Student Council 2018-19
Pathways Gurgaon

There are numerous facets to the student council as an essential part of Pathways School Gurgaon’s leadership program. It cannot be equated to just a shiny new badge, but also a continuous learning platform for students through leadership. The role of the council is to inspire other students, especially the younger ones in striving to become the role models, inculcate disciplined life through learning experience. The council develops one’s identity and helping others in shaping theirs.

This responsibility is not easily handed over to anyone who wishes for it. It involves vigorous rounds of ion, each having their own learning potential. Students are ed for the council through a deliberated, transparent and systematics process involving multiple rounds.

It all began with a simple notice inviting students to nominate themselves to the council election process. It takes courage to be confident enough to place yourself for scrutiny to the whole student body. The brave hearts stepped upto the expectation and we had multitude of applications across the school. Expectations were clearly laid out in the forms with enough space for self-reflection and the conduct of candidates for past years.

Forty-five courageous students were chosen after screening of initial applications to appear for interviews. Some would call them nerve racking and some would shrug their shoulders. This round was aimed at making candidates realise significance of their own understanding of personal beliefs and values as what they had put down on application for council. The idea of sitting in a room alongside the council mentors with challenging and reflective questions posed to you, is an moment worth experiencing. However students were tested on the bases of confidence, presentation and honesty. The key elements that a leader must possess. It was then that we realized, that we were being tested regarding our responsibilities and actions as a future council member and the attribute expected out of a council member, that are not easily accomplished.

Soon, it was time for the last challenge—getting votes. Those of us who made it to this round were in a state of euphoria as each of us were asked to deliver a speech. Selected students expressed their ideas in an attempt to convince their peers and school mates about their candidacy, their beliefs and values. From wit to serious and solomn thought to slogans all were put to test. The level of most of these speeches was commendable and exhibited a confident and mature student body who is willingly getting involved in their own developmental process. As each candidate one by one took their place on the stage, advocating for themselves and emitting confidence through their words. The students got engrossed and cheered on. Some candidates spoke about their ideas, while some expressed as to why they deserved to stand there. Some candidates involved the the audience within their speeches, while others had a great sense of humour.

Hands shaking we glanced out at the sea of students and teachers alike—as the joy of achieving something rushed over us. We realized, that facing such a common fear is an opportunity that many don’t experience. One of the most awaited parts of the process came next: voting. A vote was a yes, a vote was a voice each and every one was heard, but only a few of us were chosen out. These chosen few would be the new face of the council for 2018-2019.

This experience was certainly one to treasure. The faith our fellow peers and respected teachers invested in choosing us as student leaders, certainly changed a bit in our lives and we cannot wait to share our fresh perspectives, and innovative ideas with the rest of our school. This is truly the beginning of something amazing.

December 19th marked the day on which the 2018 to 2019 student council was officially welcomed as an integral part of the Pathways school system. Standing backstage, I felt my heart beat a mile a minute. Ready to take on a new challenge with a new position, I waited patiently for our investment into the council for the next year as anxiety and excitement bloomed within me. The student council is a leadership opportunity provided to students beginning from Primary school, all the way to the Diploma program. The main purpose is to become braver as ourselves, and grow academically and holistically. Excited to embark on the journey, we are prepared to lead our school to many victories to come.

Standing under the hot sun, time slowly ticked by, I soon found myself in a deep daze of thought. The speeches came to a start and each one took me through a journey onto a train of thought. I thought about how grateful I am and how many ideas I can initiate. Soon enough, I snapped back to where I was and began smiling again. The happiness that I felt couldn’t ever be replaced.

After each and every student was inducted, School Director, Captain Rohit Sen Bajaj, was invited on the stage to administer the oath. The oath was beautiful as we promised the student body that we would fulfil our duties and responsibilities, with utmost sincerity and dedication. We would, devote time and energy to help all the components of our school community, in any way we can and help ensure orderly, disciplined and enjoyable interactions among all parties concerned. We pledged to constantly raise our own standards and be our very best as we stand in front of others as a role model.

The investiture ceremony came to an end with five speeches. Three were spoken by outgoing council members and the other two by Captain Bajaj and Ms. Dimpu. Some speeches induced ambition whereas another seemed whimsical, but all channelled being courageous as a key aspect. Loving our school is nothing new to us, and we will work ten times harder, push ourselves to a hundred till we are the best version of ourselves and we will continue to shape ourselves in a set of forty-five role models within the student body. This is our promise to you.



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