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Grade 6 unit The Budding Tutors
Pathways Noida

The culture of sharing has ever been the most significant act amidst mankind. The students of Pathways Noida have inevitably shown their participation and involvement in carrying forward this culture to promote harmony and spread the feeling of joy. This was reflective through a rather productive unit The Budding Tutors which the students of Grade 6 executed in collaboration with the students of an NGO named Ankur Anawa. Notably, students had an extensive research on the problem of Digital Divide. It enabled them to learn that many people around us do not get an opportunity to learn and use technology properly due to lack of required awareness as well as resources. Thereafter, they had an interaction with a group of students from Ankur Anawa school to know their level of exposure to technology and its tools. They also enquired about how much time they spend using common tech tools in daily routine. Subsequently, based on their investigation and analysis, our students proposed to teach some basic technology skill sets which would foster e-learning among the children from NGO. The students then created amazing video tutorials on the topics like Word, Power Point, web designing, creating email account and many more. These were then shared with the Children of Ankur Anawa School along with a small assessment and feedback from them to measure the success outcome of their learning. It was indeed wonderful to find our students exchanging their thoughts and ideas with great enthusiasm and involvement. They exhibited considerate communication skills and team work. The smile that the students carried when they taught and learnt was a proof to the wonderful learning that had happened!

Attached below are two links which will give you a glimpse of the entire journey..



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