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The role of the teachers in an IB school is that of a facilitator, a person who will guide the students in the right directions. Most of the teaching faculty at Pathways Noida has Masters and PhD. Degree in their specific area of specialization. We hire teachers based on their previous years of experience both in India and abroad. We have expat teachers teaching various subjects in the Middle and Senior School. New teachers are given mentors to train them into the IB methodology of teaching.

We invest heavily in continuous training of our teachers through workshops, IB seminars, both in India and abroad. Our teachers have attended several developmental programs in the last year, some of which are:

S.No. Name of the Workshop Teachers Attended
1 Inquiry in PYP 4
2 Promoting Dramatic Play with Young Children 4
3 “Every Teacher a Coach” with Dale Simpson 4
4 Apple Education Strategic Planning Workshop 4
5 The Joy of Music & Movement with Young Children 2
6 First International Reggio Emilia Conference and Professional Workshop in India 2
7 Thinking and Questioning for Deeper Understanding Kath Murdoch 4
8 The World is my Laboratory - Science with a Difference for Primary School 2
9 Middle School Workshop-Making Maths Meaningful 2
10 IBAP PYP The Exhibition Cat 2 of Cat 1,2 & 3 Workshops 1
11 DELHI SAFEGUARDING ~ ICPN Safeguarding Children Training 2
12 Childhood Depression-Identification, Prevention and Intervention 3
13 Building Reading and Thinking Skills through Read Aloud Stories (Pre K to 3rd Grade) 3
14 Everyone Can Read by Two Minute Parenting 5
15 PYP JobAlike Session 4
16 Drama in Education (DiE) Workshops by Geoff Readman- Master Trainer Level 2
17 Drama in Education (DiE) Workshops by Geoff Readman- Advance Level 2 1
18 Category-1 Implementing the MYP Curriculum 4
19 Category- 2 Delivering the MYP Curriculum 4
20 Cambridge Personal Development Training Intermediate Cambridge IGCSE First Language English 1
21 National Convention of School Counsellors on “Sexual Behaviour of School Children in Changing Socio-Cultural Environment” 2
22 "English for Teaching Purposes" The Language Service at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) at 1
23 MYP JobAlike Session 5
24 Hindi Poetry Appreciation Workshop 2
25 IBAP DP Categories 1 & 2 Workshops 6
26 Global Citizenship Summit 2
27 Inquiry-LL (Lang Lit) Tok Workshop 5
28 Maths Studies SL Workshop 1
29 Workshop SSS : History Cat 3 at IBAP DP Cat 1 & Cat 1/2 (Mixed) Workshops 1
30 TAISI Teacher's Conference 2
31 IB Asia Pacific Annual Conference 2
32 Becoming Great Head of PE by Independent Coach Education 1
33 JUMPSTART 2014-Let's Play 6th Edition 1
34 Connecting International Students to Best-Fit Universities 1
35 Negotiation Skills for Professionals 2
36 The Art of Corporate Presentation & Personality Development Training 2
37 OpenApply Admissions Conference Bangkok 1


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